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April 28, 2005
Never went for cell group today. Cause my father need to fetch me down to my hall and move back all my stuffs. Never know i have so much things man. Now my closet is full of clothes. I do not think got anymore places for more. Got said by Jane for not going to cell. Haiz… Haha. I am sleeping less than my exam days recently. During my exams, i have around 10 hours of sleep everyday but now i have 4 – 5 hours only. My energy is draining out soon man. I would not think it will happen. Full of energy when i am at home. Still got $440 to go for my mission trip funds. Looks quite a lot to me. Hopefully God will touch some people to help me with this amount. Leaving it all into His hands. All the best for my plans during the holidays and also to Elaine, Jane and Linus who are having their exams now. A few more days guys and it’s over. Be forward looking. God bless us all.


April 26, 2005
Finally my exams has ended. Now i can do all the things i have planned beforehand. Will i have the motivation to complete them? I wonder… Nothing in life interested me by a great deal that can make me give my all except for love. Enough of all this nonsense. Time to catch up on my sleep and games. Haha. Also my time with God. Bumming around.


April 22, 2005
Thanks God that my material science paper is quite ok today. Did not really studied for it. Started to panic at 10pm last night. What can i say? It’s amazing that those i spotted came out. Haha. But having a bad headache now as i clamped too much information inside my brain. How i wish got some anime to watch now. Sigh… Two more papers and it’s the end of my exams.


April 20, 2005
Did not manage to finish studying for my physics paper. Really got quite a lot to read through. Luckily it is an open book exam so i hope can pass. But still depends on God for His strength and wisdom. These few days during my exams i keep experiencing God’s grace on me. Even though i keep doing things that does not please Him but He is still there for me. I believe that there is a lesson to be learnt from all these. He is preparing my heart for something else. Doubts again came into my mind. I have been seeing myself in others. Really feel sad about it. What kind of person am i? Another issue which upsets me is hearing from linus that he can’t find a good reason to go for cell. Though he did not mention what is the issue that is troubling him, i will find out more after his exams. I need answers, God. Guide my path that is ahead of me, light the road that my feet are walking.


April 18, 2005
Had my life sci paper for today. Must really thanks God for helping me on this paper as i have only studied 5 – 7 hours only. Managed to clamp most of the informations inside my small brain. Going to study for physics tomorrow. Hope can finish all of them by the end of it. If not, really have to check my textbooks on wed itself. Will be depending on God’s strength and wisdom for all my life. Sure i go for cell after my paper on wed? But friday is also another killer subject ‘Material Science’. Sigh…


April 17, 2005

Me and Ethan. So cute man, not me but Ethan.


April 16, 2005
Just came back from an outing or cheesecakes trip with my cell group. Been quite long since we last met up as most of us can’t make it for cell the past 2 weeks. Have a fun time there. I enjoyed myself very much as i got to play with ethan. Keke. He is really a smart kid. I foresee more from him next time when he grows up. At least i can no need to think about my exams for a few hours. Have my share of catching up with the rest. Haidee has rebonded her hair and she looks like those jap gals. Haha. Will upload those photos that i took tomorrow as i left my cable back in my hall. Till next time when we meet again. Haha. One last thing, got a new task to do during my holidays which is to come out with names for the new child. So cool right. Haha. Have to polish up my chinese though.


April 15, 2005
I think i am going to fail my maths papr again. Was like last sem again. Full of confidence before i went into the exam hall but super disappointed after i got out. I think there is something about maths that i cannot really master it fully. I do not have such fear or doubts of myself for other papers. Only maths and maths alone. Hope God will help me pull through this one. Everything is in His hands now. May God bless me.


April 14, 2005
Had my first paper today which is economic theory. I think i answered one of the questions wrongly which was like 25 marks. Haha. But not too worry about that. As my target is just to get a D. Anything more will be a bonus from God. A very big thanks to Dylan who gave me a 2 hrs intense crash course on ODE. Without him, confirm my maths will be gone again. Hopefully history do not repeat itself, or else i will be very sad. At least now i see a hope in maths. Haha. One down six to go.


April 11, 2005
Did not post anything yesterday cause i was sleeping the whole day. Was glad to see Lester back in the church after he left for 1 year and 2 months. Though i did not know the reason why he was back but i really give thanks to God for this. I am happy that i did not waste my time today. I managed to finish 2 maths tutorials. Which means i have 5 more and past years paper to go for maths. Must find time to study my econs also which is on wed. I just i can only study at night for the subject. Though the date is getting nearer to exams, but my heart was not fearful at all. As i have placed all my hope in God and trust Him to guide me through all these.