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June 30, 2005
I went down to Far East Square to collect my NPD tickets. Do not feel like going but just collect for fun. Also got the chance to pass the cds to Carine so she can do her presentation. Have to wait 30 mins for her as she was late. It gave me the chance to drop by Mount Zion and checked up a book. Title is called ‘Blessings or Curses’. It was a very nice book and i managed to read 80 pages in half an hour. Shing Yian also called me to say she found out the reasons for her period of spiritual dryness. I felt happy for her as she had been tired and down lately. Praise God for all these. I wonder when i am going to get out myself. Haiz


June 30, 2005

Congratulations Steward Chen, you are…

‘PoiPoi’ Apple Lim of

You look like a stereotypical bimbo outside but its a different story inside. You’re a nice, simple, proud and straightforward person who believes what you’re doing is right. You don’t change people, and you love them for who they are. Your primary goal in life is to be happy, next to being pretty. You have your detractors but you don’t let them bring you down. You go out of your way to help others out even before they ask, and for that they love you.

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June 30, 2005
Woohoo… I have completed my powerpoint today. Now i can burn a copy for my supporters as i have no ideas what to give them. I think that will mean so much to them rather than some materials stuffs. Just went for cell group and Elaine really gave us a scare. Cos halfway she suffered some chest pains and had difficulties in breathing. So after our cell, Isaac and i sent her to a clinic for so checkup. As usual, the doctor will not know what to give her as it is a common symptom. I will do constant update on her to see if she is doing fine. My body also need some exercise cos i also cannot take it anymore.


June 27, 2005
Such a happy event today. I just attended Shaoyun’s wedding dinner. Feel so happy for him as he is finally got married. I wonder who will be next in line except for derick. Haha. Anyway today they wore until super formal. All blazers and ties. I got a bit shocked but it’s ok. Cos i am also in blazer but no tie. As i do not want to be tied down. What rubbish. I am getting lame again. I still haven got the photos yet. But i will post them someday i think. Hope i am not too lazy to post them.


June 26, 2005
Sometimes i feel very tired. I felt that i have been tiring myself out but i do not know for what reasons. Right now, i seems to have lost my goal even since i came back. Searching for something in life ……. But what could it be that is still lacking in my heart? Nothing seems to be able to fill this void that i have in my heart. The only thing that can is God.


June 24, 2005
Feelings = Low. It is the lowest feelings down since i returned from thailand. I think it is the time of the week again. I cannot do anything today. Actually i do not know what to do. Got too much in hand to complete but i do not know where to start from. Have tons of stuffs to think about. Maybe i need a break again. On sat will be Shaoyun’s wedding, till now i still do not know what i can help with. I think i will ask JY tomorrow on that as Andrew never reply me. Hmm… On the other hand, i may not be going to the NDP with Jana. Still thinking about that. Maybe i will just pass her my tickets. See how things work themselves out bah. Still got things to write but i guess i will have to hand in tomorrow morning instead of tonight as i am not in the mood to write and think. I have not settle next week stuffs yet. Thinking of asking meihui, guocheng, zhiwei and the rest to come out. Will i have a chance to do that? Hehe. Still got Elaine’s video to finish doing. Will start on that tomorrow. I need some ideas. Have not been running for a long time. Even right now, what i am typing are not organised at all. So many random thoughts coming into my mind. Why do i even care so much in the first place about all these stuffs? It is taking a toll out of me. I should start doing some serious reading soon. Or else, my brain cells will be slacking around and dying like this.


June 23, 2005
Today was quite a fruitful day as i went shopping with Jana. She has collected her dress at Far East which she is going to wear for Shaoyun’s wedding. Quite a nice dress i guess. For me, i got myself a nice shirt and a very cheap pants. Woohoo. Spent quite a lot for today. Guess what. Dotz just gave me a very funky belt during cell group just now. I was quite shocked as it was way too funky for me man. I still do not have clothes for that kind of belt but i still like it. Thanks Dotz. Well i got 2 tickets for the NDP since someone is not free to go together with me so i have to ask another person to go with me to watch it. As i do not want to waste the tickets. Hopefully she can make it on that day. Somehow i feel i should not have ask Jana to go with me. It is something wrong. Hopefully people will not get mistaken or else i will be in deep trouble. Should i say i will have problem with some people in church? Anyway we bumped into Hongwei and Pastor Tan’s wife when we were shopping at orchard road. During cell group, we shared quite a bit on our mission trip. Was quite nice to hear Jane sharing about her mission trip. Learnt quite a lot from there. Thanks to her i got a free ride back home by her. Haha. Need to sleep now. Nights guys.


June 22, 2005
Hi guys, i am offically back in Singapore. This trip to thailand has been a milestone in my life as it had been a wonderful experience for me. There are just too much for me to share with you guys. Thanks God for all the things He has done. Will be updating you guys further.


June 11, 2005
Hello guys, i just saw another rainbow today. In a span of 2 weeks, i have seen 4 rainbows. Haha. Was so amazed man. It just keep pushing me on each day. Our time is really very tight here as most of the time we are on the road. So we do not have much time for ourselves. The remaining time in the day we will be using for resting and spending it with God. So fast 2 weeks have passed and i just can’t believe it. I think i will never forget those friends i have made during this trip and also those things that have happened. Everything is just so amazing and beautiful. I am in awe of what God can do in my life. There is still one more week to go before i am back in Singapore. It will pass by very soon. These few days i have something that is bothering me in my heart as i just heard from elaine a few days ago that she has just been hospitalised. Therefore i am worried about her health right now. Should be ok i think as God is an awesome God so He will take good care of her. For her job on earth is not done yet. Haha. I have made some thai friends here and they are very wonderful people. I am enjoying my time with them. These 2 weeks i have really come to know God personally. There are just so many things to share as His hands are really at work here in thailand. I met someone who is giving her life to God for all His glory. As before this trip she is still not too sure but during the trip she has made up her mind to be a full time memeber to serve in Thailand. As for me, maybe i will be also serving in China if God calls me to do it. I will just go forth and do His work. Many people may not understand why. Somehow when you have seen the glory of God, you will just do it like me and many other people. That all for today.


June 8, 2005
Hello there, i am glad that i have another chance to use the internet so i can update you guys on my mission trip. It is my 3rd day at maharasakam university today. The events that are taking place here is so wonderful. I have no words to describe it. I am amazed by the thirst for God in thailand. The words that God shown me before i came to thailand really come true. He has already prepared a path for us. Everyday here is an adventure. So exciting to see God working here. Wonders upon wonders He has shown us each day. I cannot finish typing out all in 1 hour, so i will just do a short summary. I think even if i talk with my mouth it will also take quite long for me to finish. I really feel so sad for Singapore as the people there do not thirst for God as those here in thailand. Now for me to share the four SL with people is so easy, as God is working in me. If you can see for yourself the power of God, then you will be like wooooooo. On the first day, my buddy and i were very very very shocked as we were like snipers. 3 hits and 3 kills. We shared to 3 people the 4 SL and the 3 all accepted Christ. We knew that the Holy Spirit is working as we are sharing. All we can do is just give thanks. From the 3 of them, i came to know that God has answered my prayers which i will share more on that when i am back. In singapore you cannot see this kind of thing happening. On the second day, though i did not have any people prayed to receive Christ but i was still happy. For i have shared with 2 people myself. So it was quite a great achievement for me as the feelings of sharing with university students and high school students are different. On the third day, i got another 3 people who accepted Christ. I am very happy to see all these people coming to know God. I can feel the joy of them having to know God personally. It was so wonderful as if all the angels in heaven are singing in joy for their salvation. The harvest here is plently but the workers are few. There are many people who have sowed in tears before we came. For these past 3 days, i can feel the tears and sadness of sowing the seeds and the joys of harvesting them. At the end of the day, the whole team is tired but with the grace and strength that God has given us. We are always excited the following day for it is going to be a whole new adventure. Lives are being touched and changed each day. As we go out to bless the people in thailand, we are also being blessed ourselves. For life will never be the same again when you have seen the glory of God. I am gald that this team is so united and together we are really seeking the face of God. We are all pushing each other on each day. I have made so great buddies here as there are only 4 guys in the whole team. Nevertheless i believed it is God’s plan as there are super a lot of girls in the school.
Do continue to pray for me as the spiritual warfare is really strong here. Thanks and got to go as i still got 5 minutes less.