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Sneakers Hunting

July 30, 2005
Today was a very tiring day for me. Cause in the morning i went for my mission trip meeting. Half of the team could make it so i was quite glad to see them again. Haha. Had our share of sharings and laughters. Derick treated us breakfast. It was very nice of him to do that. A Big Thanks to you man, Derick. Later on he also gave me a ride on his motorbike to Queenstown to meet Shing Yian for our sneakers hunting. Poor girl, i was late for like 20 mins so she has to wait there for me. sorry to you man, Shing Yian. There were these addias and puma one that caught my eyes. Wanted to buy there but out of my budget as i had spent my money on the textbooks. Oh well… have to wait till someone decide to buy for me or till i have saved enough for a new pair of sneakers. After our window shopping at Queensway, we went down to Ikea to take a look. There were a few more interesting stuffs that were added there after my last visit. My ideas are starting to come back to me again. Those creative juices are starting to flow once more. That all for my day. Tata


July 29, 2005
You are always on my mind each day. You are the one whom i think of every moments. Do You know who You are?

Slack day

July 26, 2005
Today i met up with Gemi for lunch in school. Was not bad as i met a lot of my friends today. People like yan king, kah kwee, yiifen and weewu. Not a bad day at all. Also forgot and also my last year roommate taoming. As a result of that, i did not really help out at the CCC booth. Get to know a new church friend called Yin ….. Oh man, forgot her name again. She has been in my church for quite sometime but did not really have a chance to talk to her. Maybe this sunday i will ask her if she wants to join CCC. Currently there are only 3 people in my church who are in CCC. The more i read the book ‘Heaven is so real’, the more i feel that the end is near. The kingdom of God has been preapared and ready for us but we are still not ready to receive it. I also met Gina this morning. She is a freshman whom i got to know yesterday when i was giving out the files for CCC. Just pass her my nos. So did not really expect her to contact me for notes. Anyway i passed her my material science notes. Will i be seeing more of her? Hmm… I want to introduce her more to God so she can be saved. May God guide and lead me according to His will. I realise some people find that i can talk all the way without thinking but that is not true at all. As much knowledge i have in my brain are given to me by God. Though some of the times i know how to smoke my way through. Haha.

All heaven declares,
The glory of the risen Lord.
Who can compare,
With the beauty of the Lord.

Forever He(You) will be,
The Lamb upon the throne.
I gladly bow the knee,
And worship Him(You) alone.

I  will proclaim,
The glory of the risen Lord.
Who once was slain,
To reconcile man to God.

I am falling in love with this love. It spoke of God's great love for us.
The glory and beauty of our Lord. No one could really compare to God. I
am so amazed by His wonders.

Old man liao

July 25, 2005
I felt so old today. After standing and talking for like 3 hours, my body starts to get so tired. Maybe i did not train for too long. Haiz… Still got another few more hours to stand tomorrow. Have to be strong cause all this is for God. I like this kind of feelings cause i can talk a lot today. Not like the usual me. I can just speak to anyone today. All by the grace of God.

Faith Extenders

July 23, 2005
Lately i have been reading a book called ‘Faith Extenders’ which i found is quite good. As it describe how God used faith extenders to increase the faith of people in the bible. After reading it, i realised God has also given me a faith extender which is my name ‘steward’. It was a name given to me when i asked God for one. I have decided to join CCC next sem when school starts. For too long i have been too into my own needs and have forgotten all that i owned now is not mine but God. I am only a steward of His in this world. So i should really let go of all my own rights and let God have His way. It will not be my time anymore but His time. Therefore i have to say sorry to all my friends out there as next time i may not be able to go out when you all ask me to. If the timing crashes with my commitment to God. I want to be a good steward for God in this world till His second coming or when my time is up.For too long i have been finding too much excuses not to use the talents God has given me for His glory. Now i am not going to hide in my own shell anymore. It’s time to take a stand for my faith.

Lukewarm faith

July 22, 2005
Sometimes i think i have lukewarm faith which i really hate myself for that. Cause i want to be 100% commitment to God somehow i always fail at some points. Oh Lord, help my lukewarm faith and strengthen it. Give me the strength that i need to overcome whatever stones that lies ahead of my path. Light the path that is in front of my feet. Instil in me the desire to know Your words. Hear my prayers, oh God.

She’s back

July 20, 2005
Oh man. Finally Elaine is back from her China mission trip. Looking forward to hear her share what she learnt over there. The last member of our cell that went for mission trip is back. Her coming back will conclude our cell group mission trips during this summer break. Yup. That was a total of 5 people who went for mission trip. Quite a lot of a small cell group of like 9 to 10 people. Wonder if she will come for cell tonight? Hmm… Is she darker from all the labour work over there? So exciting to see how God works through mission trips and changes people’s lives.

BBQ day

July 19, 2005
We had a wonderful time of fellowship during our bbq just now. This is the first time that we managed to finish up all the chicken wings. I’m amazed man. For those who were not there, too bad for you guys. Haha. There were nice foods by melvin, alvin and roger. So the rest can just sit back and enjoyed the foods. We also have a small worship session just now. Was good. Been one month since our trip back from thailand. It have been bad for me the last 2 days but i’m glad that God never gave up on me. Still draw me back to Him. Will post the pics up tomorrow.


July 19, 2005
School is going to start soon. Like next week lor. Been such a long time since i touched any books so not sure if i can study again. What crap am i talking about man. Went for my usual gaming session today. Oh well Dota is getting boring as i’m too good for my friend. Haha. Anyway this is be the last time we played before school starts. Hopefully i can take my econs GE next sem. It is my passion and my driving force. Grace is taking econs the course i wanted to change but can’t. So envy of her. Hope she joins CCC next sem. Haha


July 17, 2005
I was scolded by my father yesterday when i told him i wanted to go for my hall FOC. Even before i finished saying that, he immediately shooted me back with harsh words. That i should concentrate on my studies since school term are starting soon. What to do….. except to listening to him. So i have to let some of you guys down for not being able to go for the FOC at the 11th hour. I was in a bad mood after that scolding. Haiz…