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It’s all over now

November 29, 2005
Finally my exams are over now. After dragging it for a month long, i am finally free for a month of studies. Though i do not have any plans for my holiday now. There are so many stuffs that i wanted to buy for myself. Such as a new crumpler bag to replace my nike ACG bag which has a big hole in the middle of the bag, a new haircut to attend Derick’s wedding and new clothes. But i do not have any money. LOL. The upcoming event for me this week will be my church camp. Oh well… i hope it will be a wonderful few days of camp. Oh ya, i still have not paid for my church camp. Haiz… Money please drop from the sky. Isn’t it good if we can just do what we want without worrying so much? I think i am still better being single when i do not have enough to feed myself, how can i go after someone? Haha. I must also think what to give for my cell for Christmas too. Hmm… I got a cheap and nice idea in my mind. But too lazy to do it. Hehe. Maybe i will start working on it. Almost forgotten that i have not been to the nursing home for quite a long time. I wondered how they are getting on right now. Felt bad about it. Sobz sobz. How How How

Tensed up

November 11, 2005
Exams are still ongoing. Therefore i have no life now since most of the time i am mugging away. Will feel a bit of bored. Went to study with Chris, Chin ee, KW and Sam yesterday. Was quite fun studying together. Haha. One thing is that when KW is around. He will also say things about Gemi and me. Haiz… I know we both are very close since Jc times. But we are just very good friends only. Nothing more and nothing less. Still have not received my cd from her. Oh man… I want the new WOW cd. Still have not finished my bible study materials for the camp yet. So much to do, so little time. For the cell group, actually the worship schedule that i came out was almost perfect. It just need people to put in a bit of effort to note when is their turn to lead. If they can’t, just ask the person next in line. But some just do not take the little effort to do it. Which makes me still have to go around asking and assigning like the last time. If it is so, why do i bother to come up with one? Haiz…………

Not going Meta

November 9, 2005
I have already made up my mind of not going for the Meta camp this dec. As it will cost me to have a cashflow problem if i go. Unless God really wants me to go and money will drop from the sky. Haha. So unless that happens, i will not be attending it. I also do not understand how come it is so expensive. As it is only a few days camp at Singapore. Oh well… Does not happen to me anyway. Living a life of poverty.


November 9, 2005
I do not know what is happening to me this week. Sometimes i will think of things i do not want. Seems to lose control of my mind. Now i think we are both busy as we got talk less and less these days. Or is it because of other reasons. I do not wish to think about all these. In my heart, i want to put everything down before God. How can i do it?

Looking back

November 5, 2005
As i looked back the past few years. I realised i have changed a lot. From a nerdy and geeky guy to still the same old nerdy and geeky one. Nah. Just joking. Ever since i left my sec school, i have changed. The old me used to stick with friends i knew not daring enough to take one step of faith into a whole new environment full of strangers. Now it is a totally different story. Now i have much more confident in a new environment, able to go out and make new friends. What can i say? All i know is that Christ changes my life. For i have a hope for tomorrow. From the moment i made the decision to follow Him, i have been reading up and trying to know God more. For the first few years of my christian life, i have been reading up tons of books on Christianity. Hoping to know more about God and to find out the answers to questions which many has been asking. About one year ago, i found out that all that was not enough cause all the things i read were from others. What i really need is to search out God for myself, i need a personal experience with Him. I need Him to tell me about Himself. Thus i began my bible study routine for i wanted to know more about Him as the bible was written by God through man. I am now still in the midst of my quest. Everyday i am able to know a bit more about Him and about His wonders, graces and mercies. They are everlasting. I am about to finish reading the OT for the first time after so many years. A great milestone in my walk with Christ. I think at the end of my life, i will still know only the tip of a iceberg about God. For He is too wonderful for comprehension. Just by looking at the OT, it is amazing to see how things just relate to each another. He is just too amazing. His love will cover all my sorrows and sadness. In Him, i shall find joy and happiness.