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December 28, 2005
My friend is on the edge of broke up today with his girlfriend. Something that i never thought will happen as they are so lovely dovey. In my eyes, they seems like the perfect couple. Just because of one mistake, this has to happen. Yup that’s right. At times, i really do not understand how this relationship thing works. Cause humans are so complicated. We never know what we want for ourselves much less for others. This reminds me of a love that i have that will never fails, He will never forsake me. Yup, the lover that i am talking about is Jesus Christ. Though i may be unfaithful to Him at times but i know He will never leave me nor hate me. He will always be there when i need Him. Even when i have fallen so many times, nevertheless He still forgive me each time and love me as much as the first time. He is the lover of my soul. What can i do without Him in my life? Teach me Lord to love You back with all my heart.

To those lonely souls out there, are you willing to accept the lover of your soul into your life? He will change your life forever. You will never be the same again when you has meet Him. Because God is love.



December 19, 2005
I was so shocked today when i was told by my supervisor that i needed to worked for 4 more days. So sian. At first, dylan and i thought today was our last day at work. In the end, we got a shock and we took quite a lot time to accept this fact. Haiz.. Actually our job is not bad, cause we can flexi working days. So we can choose when to come. But we will be rushing the whole of this week so next week we can rest. Hehe.


December 16, 2005
Lately i had a change of blog and also the links arrangement. Wanted to do all that for quite sometime. I think a few months back. Never had the time to do it then so now i am doing all these. Dylan went for his class outing today at Sentosa. Asked me to join him cos it is a farewell gathering for Ziyu also. She will be going for an exchange program at the US for one sem. Going to miss her. Hehe. Will i? LOL. A bit i think. Not much chance to use the blanket she gave me for my birthday since i moved back to my house. Cause not as cold as in the hall. Still keeping it at my bed cos it’s so nice. Will try to have a farewell something for her next week. But i will try to get her to treat…

Same mistakes again. Haiz

December 15, 2005
Today dylan and me made the same mistake or rather make mistake during the same time period again. As usual, i made one before lunch time and he had his after lunch. I wondered if we could break this bad trend on monday. Haha. Was quite fun today. Listening to songs all that. One sad thing is that i still cannot find people to go to the night market with me. Even shing yian, my bus and night market buddy is not free. Haiz… It’s ok cos i do not have a cent with me to go there and eat. Maybe when i got my money that time bah.

Drawing a clear line

December 15, 2005
Sometimes if i can only give assureance to other people by drawing a clear line. I will do it though it will be my last option. When dealing with people like this, i guess it will be my only choice. Then the element of trust which i expect them to have in me will be taken away. In turn, i will also do the same. Therefore from now on, i will not be flexible towards those. Everything will go accordingly to the rules we have set. Law by law. Nothing more and nothing less.

A long and funny day

December 14, 2005
As usual when i was meeting dylan for work today, he was late again for 20 minutes. But it’s ok. Used to waiting like this for him and danny. This is the first time we are working part-time together. It was a very good experience. We had a lot of fun and laughter the whole day. Then we also made two mistakes each today when we were packing up the stuffs. At the end of the day, we have to come out with a plan to check where are the 2 serials number we forgot to scan. LOL. The going to toilet part was also very funny. Hehe. Even going to the restroom also need card to scan before you can get out. So sian. This means if one goes to the toilet the other must stay. Lucky we do not need to go 2 at the same time. After our work, we went for dinner before i went to meet with gemi, tami, stacy, sam and yq. Before i met up with them, i went to look for the ice cream uncle first. Quite surprise he still remember me. We chit chat for a while. I felt great after that. I did not really stay for long when i met up with gemi they all cos i got another appointment to attend. The last and final one was Gerald’s birthday dinner. As usual, i just went there and be lame a bit. Basically is to entertain them. No lar. Just go there and join them. I felt at home there not like with yq they all. It is just different when you are in a Christ like environment and one which is not. Too much different. I think that’s all. Too tired to write anymore.


December 12, 2005

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Feel confused

December 12, 2005
Feel so confused lately. Do not know the reason why. Seems so lost. Do not know what i want to do. Been so down. Do not know why i am feeling these ways.

Sorry Kim

December 12, 2005
Here’s my big Sorry to you, Kim, that i did not attend your house warming as promised. Sorry for the troubles i caused you. Please forgive me.


So exciting

December 10, 2005
Whenever i thought of my cell group in church, i will get very excited. The reason is that within our cell we have fulfiled the people needed in the five-fold ministry and also a worship team ourselves. The better news is that most of us are thinking or having the call to go full-time. Isn’t it great to serve together as a whole? Maybe next time, we might just go on a mission trip ourselves. Somehow i wish all cell groups will be like this. United in Christ.