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New Year?

January 31, 2006
This time the Chinese New Year is not so ‘pleasant’. Quite a lot of things happened. Hiya. Felt quite loss this time round. Oh well, it will be like this from this year on i guess. Too bad then. School is starting tomorrow. Do not feel like going but no choice. Do not wish to say so much now.

Huge hole in my pocket

January 26, 2006
Due to the stupid pimples on my nose, i have to spend money to go visit a dermatologist. Guess how much did i spend? $50? $75? $100? $150? All the wrong answers man. I spent like $190 just on one session. I was like what. But kind of expected it anyway cos her office is at paragon. My heart was like bleeding when i paid the money. But it’s not now. Cos her products work quite well. Those smaller pimples of mine are gone after one or two application of the cream. Only the big one to settle now. So i think it’s quite worth the money spend. As those medication i got are not those i can get off the shelves type. 6 more months before my whole face is totally ok. Where do i get the money to continue for 6 months? lol


January 24, 2006
Finally i have ended my four days of fasting. Which was very awesome cos my God is awesome. I have a breakthrough in my walk with Him. Now i am learning more and more as He uses the people around me to help me learn. Now i am learning how to walk in the Spirit. I feel that too often many people use their own wisdom for many things. Even i do not ask God for wisdom in the things i am involved in last time. Which is like kinda of sad. Cos it’s often so tiring to depend on my own strength. Lately i have learned to let go and let God take control. Learning what is meant to die to myself and let Christ live in me. Xavier and me plus a few more of us are fasting now from 12am to 7pm daily to pray for God to show us what to do next. This will be a period of time to wait upon Him and equipping ourselves for the things God are showing us to do. Great things are going to be done by God.

Going strong

January 19, 2006
It’s the 3rd day now of my fasting. My body is quite weak today as every step i walked required lot of strength. So far i have really been tempted to quit halfway and just grab a bite to ease my hunger. But my love for God is greater than all these. I want to fast for God, for my parents, for my cell and for myself. I told God i want a breakthrough. He has given me strength and blessings so far. So far whenever i ask for a verse for something specific, those He gave me were very true and encouraging. I can see that the new service will be given to us even i still do not know if the leaders will approved it. For God is going to do great things in my church. In Him i Trust.


January 18, 2006
Today is the second day of my fasting. Though i feel so hungry which sometime becomes unbearable but i still manage to overcome it. Somehow it just feel so different now. Every second in my mind is just songs upon songs of praise for God. There seems no stopping to them. I am able to concentrate better on prayers and reading His word now. Maybe i am in the courts of praise now. Whenever i prayed to God for strength to overcome, the hunger will just go away. Just two more days of fasting, i wonder what more will i see from God. One more thing to be give thanks to is that my bank account has much more than what i expected. Even when i had done all the sums much earlier on. I have a few hundred more than what i expected. Praise God for all His provisions. That is when i took out almost 800 for offerings and school fees. He is just so wonderful.


January 17, 2006
Lately i am walking very closely with God. So there is many things coming in from Him. Just this morning, when i was on my way to school. I was like telling God ‘What can i do to know you more?’ and also praying for my parents’ salvation and also the ice cream seller. I was telling Him that i want to seek not Your hand but Your face. Then the Lord said to me ‘Is your spiritual hunger more than your phyiscal one? How much are you willing to set aside just to see My face?’. The idea of fasting came into my mind. I have not really fasted before. But now i am going to fast for the salvation of people esp my parents and the ice cream uncle and to desire a closer relationship with God. I am going to fast till at least friday if possible till sunday. I am going to use the time which i take to eat my meal to pray for all those things. I want a breakthrough in my walk with God. I am asking more from God. I will not be content until i see God’s face. I want to set myself apart for Him. The moment i decided to do that, trials came my way. I was quite angry with a friend of mine which normally given my character i would not. All i can do was just pray to God for love to calm the sudden fury in my heart. Just concentrating and worship Him. I know there will be more to come but i will just leave it all to God and focus on what amazing things He is going to do.
You are beautiful to me
You will be my God for all eternity
You overtaken every part of me
You are beautiful to me

A new adventure

January 15, 2006
Wow, life is so exciting now. Cos what Xavier shared with me yesterday on what maybe coming up next is so fun. If the church approves of our cell group breaking away from the main service we are in now and start our own. Then it will be great. Though it may only have 20 odd people in the start. Nevertheless we will go by faith that God is going to do something great in our church. We are all ready for His works. Now we are going to ask from Him what to do next. Wonders are going to happen. Amen.


January 14, 2006
Finally i am back with God once again. This week God has really blessed me with so much. More than i could even imagine. In school, in my money problems but most importantly with Him. I am so filled with the Holy Spirit now. Though temptation may still come my way but i thank God for them. For it is only through all these trials and temptation as it is only with all these that i will be able to experience the power of God. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. I am able to give praise and thanks to Him for what He has done in my life. My God is so good to me. Do you want the same God as mine? One that can offer you peace and salvation.

More to improve

January 12, 2006
I am so fed up with myself these days. As i realised i tended to get angry easily when i am taking buses. The one thing which i hate is to miss buses therefore when someone interfere by doing something stupid then i will be frustrated. Cos all these actions by them are time wasting. It could be very costly. Yup, i still ask for God’s grace to be upon me and forgive me for all these. Help me to trust in You, Lord, to guide my journey as You guide my life.


January 11, 2006
Guess i have been outdated for quite a long time. Suddenly when i was reading Daniel’s blog. Then i found out so many people in my church have a blog. Esp those younger ones. Haha. So i decided to add them all to my link. I think till now they still do not know mine. But it’s ok. Prefer it this way.