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What is it coming back?

April 30, 2006
What is this feeling that is coming back to my heart? I thought i had sealed this feeling up sometimes ago. But why is it coming back to me now? I do not know the answer. It has forced me to seek God even more for an answer. Why God? Is it the time now or not? Not my will but Yours be done. I think the answer will soon be out.


April 30, 2006
Lately something is changing in my life. It could be for the better. Still everything has it’s own timing. Nothing much i can say now except to wait and see what God is doing.

Random thoughts

April 27, 2006
Maybe i am under pressure that why i keep blogging today. Because i have a thermo paper later on. Did not really study for it. I do not understand my feelings at all when i am taking examinations this time. Do not have the sense of important in me. I cannot see the reason of taking it. My passion is not in study. I have a lot of things to let it out of me lately. But there seems not to be a right person for me to share. The only outlet is to God and no one else. I do not know what to do next. Not sure if i am looking forward to my EID project in May/June. Though it will be a great chance for me to get to know many new friends in Christ as almost if not all of my teammates are christians. The problem is that i hardly know them. In fact, the only one i knew inside i also do not know much about her. Just a friend from my Year 1 lab. Nevertheless God works in amazing ways, as she knew my sister. They are from the same church that why. I always wondered how i came into their conversation. It is by this that i joined their project group because just nice they were lacking of one person at that point of time. I believe that this coming project will be blessed by God. For He had brought me to the group, so He will guide us through. I have taken up a role in my young adult group committee lately. Which means i will be quite busy during my holidays. There are a lot to be done. In this i have the passion, i am excited to see how God will work in this group. The last thing is that my bank reserve has gone down by a lot. It will not cause me any problems for now but it does means that i must save up whenever i can from now onwards. There will not be any meals which costs more than $3 if not $2. Will try to eat at home as much as possible. Will not be able to buy any more stuffs. Do hope i can get my money back. If not, it will be alright. Since everytime i lend people money, i have make the decision of not able to get it back. All this is for love. How much love God has showered upon me, i will also do the same to those He loves. Freely received freely gives.

So long

April 27, 2006
I could not take it anymore. My exams are so longgggggg. Why must they drag it like this? It’s a torture to me. I am going crazy….. 3 more to go from now. In a few hours, it will be 2 more.


April 25, 2006

This morning, i just got the thoughts of asking for deferment for my ICT. Somehow the thought of it just came into my mind. Just so happen that 1 of my EID dates crashed with my ICT. Hopefully, i can defer so i can also go for my church camp this June. Putting all my hopes on God.


April 16, 2006

Today is Easter day. It is a great day. I have not updated this blog for long but i can say that a lot of things are happening. God is working in my church now. Just too wonderful to describe.