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Pressing on

May 31, 2006
Lately i am quite free actually. But it is not good for me. Cos there is a lot of spiritual warfares for those who understand. Sometimes God just wakes me up in the middle of the night to pray for certain people and there will be attacks from the evil one. I must press on and pray for this nation. Maybe in the eyes of others, i may behave like a fool. Why am i giving up so much of my time, efforts and resources for my belief? It all boils down to one word ‘Love’. The love for God is not from this world. No matter how much people may try to love, it all cannot be compare to the love which God has. For He is love and we are not. We can only love others. This friday cell group i wonder who is leading worship. Sometimes, i am quite disappointed with the friday cell. Cos some people since to go out of responsiblilty and not willingness. I have tried to take up a few roles last year in the cell. Then this year, i have let out of them in so that the rest of the members may have a more active role in the group. Seems like it is not working so well. Cos people are still too passive. I pray that God will change us from the inside out. To let us know where our commitment lies. Following Chirst is not easy if we are still in control.

Praise God

May 25, 2006
I can finally go to my church retreat now. Cos God has made it possible for me. Something which i did not think it will come true. About 1 month ago, i was touched by God one day during my exams to go and applied for deferment for the first day of my ICT as it coincided with my EID open house. Somehow i got the feeling that this one day will make me able to go for the church retreat. Right now, it came true as i have successfully defered my whole ICT to __. Which means i do not know when. Haha. Still, i need to have more faith in God as i did not go and sign up for my church retreat first. Haiz. Nevertheless all glory to Him.


May 10, 2006
I have been very busy for e past week. And it could only get worse for me. Things will start to pack up and many stuffs for me to settle. I feel it’s time to seek God to the next level. As His ministry for me starts to open up, the more i need to find time with God alone. Just to rest in His presence. I will move with the flow of His spirit. Will not move ahead or behind His timing. Currently, my fri, sat and sun are all taken up and soon wed will be too. Which means i will be left with 3 days for my school works and other stuffs. Everything is in His time.


May 8, 2006
I think it’s think to recollect my thoughts and give thanks to God for all He had done in my life. I remember clearly 2 years ago when i was praying to God for a ministry to be in, He did not give to me what i wanted at that time. What He told me at that time was that ‘Wait’. And He also fulfiled the verse that He gave me as He would sent me out first and built me up before bringing me back. Now when i think of all this, it has all come to pass. He is expanding my ministry now and i am very grateful to Him. As for my relationship side, i do not think i am ready for one yet. Cos there are too much on my side to do for God, so would not have much time left for one. All i want to do now is to seek God more, to learn how to hear His voice.

Finally, it’s thursday

May 4, 2006
After such a long time for waiting, this day has finally arrived. A lot of things could happen on this day. Will be catching a movie with …., hopefully everything turns out fine. If not, then nevermind. Ultimately it is still God in control of all these. If it’s meant to be, it will be fine. Since He has opened this door for me, i will trust in Him.


May 3, 2006

Am i in love??? 2 more papers and 1 more day to go. Woohoo

My 1st ….

May 2, 2006
I have been holding back for sometimes on posting this post. Still nothing has taken place yet. So i shall leave it as it is as for now. But i am looking forward to thurs. A day which many things could happened.

Familiar faces

May 1, 2006
I met some familiar faces today when i was taking a bus. I did not know why the bus driver stopped at the bus stop near the mission clinic when no one was boarding and alighting. Somehow he just stopped there for a few minutes. It was long enough for me to notice Roger and he unto me. We waved at each other for a while. This brings back the memories of my team when we were going to thailand for a mission trip last year. Those wonderful things that God had done which i would not forget it. After the bus drove away, i saw Sheng Zhi and Matthea walking down the road. Another 2 of my former teammates. What was God trying to tell me?