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June 24, 2006
Today during the worship practice, i was hurt by something. Halfway during the practice, Purdence complained about the sound coming out from the aux is a bit weird or not sharp enough. Seriously i did not know what to do. Even my job is a soundman. But all i know is how to on the equipment. For sound quality, i am a layman. I am tone-deaf, no music background and know nothing on sound system. When the problem arises, i cannot solve it at all. Nothing i did seems to solve the problem. For the rest of the practice, i just doubt myself whether is it right for me to continue as soundman. My talents are not in that area, it will be more on business, PR and video. Deep down, i know that it is not the time to concentrate on those areas yet. I believe God wants me to learn the lesson of relying on Him by serving in the area which i am worst at. As there will be nothing i can boast of by my own abilities but God’s grace. It was only until the last song then i broke down and almost cried. I see the Holy Spirit is breaking me down. So that my inner man will be released. All praise to God.

Back in Sing

June 19, 2006
I am finally back in singapore after a 4 days retreat in malaysia. Then i heard the news of my sec school teacher passing away. I was quite glad for her as she was in immense sufferings during to cancer and some other complications. It was kind of a relief to her. I know that i will see her in heaven again as she is a christian. For me the church retreat was good. God was there in the retreat itself as i could see people’s lives are being changed. I feel happy especially for Silin, Richard and Aloy. God indeed worked greatly in their hearts during the 4 days we spent there. For me i come to know a bit more about them plus crispina, grace, xing jie and darren. For me, there is always a burden for TWC people in my heart. I really want to see them grow in the Lord, to be strong and mighty for Him. Looking forward to this weekend.

Finally, a wake up call for me

June 6, 2006
For last week, i checked my results online after returning from my church retreat recce. I just realised that i failed 3 of my core subjects. Which will reflect quite badly on my results and it also mean that i will have to stay back for 1 more sem in NTU. Normally, i will take this kind of stuffs quite badly. Cos staying back for 1 more sem is no joke. But the peace of God was with me so there is no fear for the future in my heart. God let me saw His wonders where i was waiting for the sunrise at the hotel during my recce trip. I did not managed to see the sunrise but i saw something more. There, i saw lightnings in the dark sky when dawn was drawing near. Yet there was no sounds of thunders across the sky. All was peaceful. What can i do but praise Him. I could only stared at His wonderous works.