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Fixing my eyes on You alone

July 27, 2006
Lord, i just want to fix my eyes upon You alone. I do not want other things to distract me away from You. Cos i know apart from You i can do nothing. Reign in my weakness Lord. You know my heart oh Lord.

Walking in the Spirit

July 26, 2006
How i wish that everyone will be able to walk in the Spirit of God. Not just only knowing the Spirit in words but in their lives. For great is the power of the Spirit. But first one must have the heart of God. The desire to love Him and His people. To walk in the truth. I feel sad when many people just do not know this. Many walk in the truth but reject the works of the Spirit and many also seeks the power of the Spirit but lack in the words. Both are from God so both are important. You cannot have one without the other. Pls forgive me if what i post here hurt those who read this.

Tired Tired Tired

July 26, 2006
I fell asleep on the shuttle bus when i was on my way to work. The security guard had to wake me up to check my pass. I also do not know why i am so tired mentally. A lot of thoughts has been going throught my mind. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Half day more to go

July 25, 2006
Yup yup. I still got half a day more to go before i knock off. I have to say honestly that this is quite a good learning experience for me. Thanks God for giving me this chance. He has also prepared a pc fully loaded with christians songs for me here. I did not realise that until yesterday. He sees my needs to worship Him all the time. How good my Father in heaven is to me. Almost had a heart attack this morning as i woke up very very late. Around 7.05am and i have to reach tanah merah mrt station at 7.30am to take the shuttle bus. Seems almost impossible unless i take a cab. Nevertheless God is with me so i managed to make it on time but not without a few sacrifices. I have to leave my house without bathing. burshing my teeth and wash my face. Lucky i went throught army. Haha. Please do not call me dirty when any of you see me next time. This is the first time that i did that unless when i am having field camp. I learned a great lesson from this. It seems that sometimes the things that we viewed as important may not really be that important after all. All we can do is that follow God’s voice and never trust in yourself. Was quite tempted to take a MC for today but i’m glad i did not. It is all about pressing on and never take the way that seems to be easier. Take the route which God wants me to take. How great is our God.


July 25, 2006
Yesterday Celeste prayed for me in church as she felt that God is going to use me to lead people into worship next time. I feel quite excited about it as this is the 3rd time God is telling me that. But i will still doubt a bit if i really can as i can only sing with 2 tones. Nevertheless nothing is impossible to God. In the evening, a group of us went to watch movie. Haha. It was a fun outing. People who went were Daniel, Gemi, Grace, Junhao, Aaron, Justin, Lester, Prudence, Gerald and yours truly. I was sitting beside Gemi for the movie so that i can drink her ice lemon tea. Haha. Quite a cheapskate act of mine. After that we went for dinner at BK. Not bad since i have not eaten BK for so long. Followed by the most important thing which was going home. I sent Grace home first before taking a bus back. So by the time i got back, i was dead beat. Now i am still awake trying to download those fonts that i cannot read. If can’t then have to tell Grace to convert to PDF file for me to print out. Guess i will be very sleepy for tml. Haiz

Preaching the gospel

July 16, 2006
My friend told me something very interesting. He told me that the angels cannot preach the gospel as there are no records in the bible saying so. And Jesus Himself cannot preach the gospel for He was never lost before and He Himself is the gospel. But we are given the privilege to preach the gospel. So we are the chosen one before the foundation of the earth. Must treasure this chance to preach to all those around us.

No money

July 12, 2006
My bank account hit a new time low just now. It has just $38 bucks inside. So this is all i have left. Nothing more to give You, Lord. Nothing more than one heart and two hands for now. Use whatever You requires of me. My life my whole for Your kingdom and gospel.

!st day at work

July 11, 2006
Today is my 1st day at work. It was great for me as i have met someone i know there. She is a classmate of mine from MAE. Quite a sweet and nice girl. Too bad, i will be posted to changi treatment plant or else i can have lunch with her for the next 6 months. I still prefer to be posted to changi cos i want to have more hands on stuffs. When i was returning home from church, somehow i feel God is training me to listen to His small still voice. He wants me to detour from my usual route and take the route He wanted. He promised that i will be home at 11.30 and it really came true that i reached home at 11.30pm. Not a minute earlier or later. Praise God


July 3, 2006
I’m so glad that we have a vision for our group. That by the end of the year, we trust God will bring 500 people to our church but we are going to do our part also by listening to what He wants for us. Though my faith may sometimes shake a bit just by thinking about this but i know that it is not me who is going to work the wonder but God Himself. I see that people nowadays are working so hard to earn money and then store it in the bank. Worrying whether will they have enough for their future needs. When they die, it will all come to nothing. But here we have a gospel which God Himself died on the cross for it and the best thing is that it is free. As long as you believe in Him, you will receive eternal life. Here we are, people are throwing away the chance. I pray that all may see the truth in the cross and also for forgiveness if we christians are not good examples in our lives that it hinders some to come and know Christ.