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Bridge to Terabithia

March 31, 2007

This afternoon i watched this movie ‘Bridge to Terabithia’. It was a very nice movie. Toward the ending of the story, my tears just flowed and flowed. The storyline is really touching. There are two main characters named Jess(male) and Leslie(female), Jess is a fourth grader who is constantly bullied by his 5 sisters and his classmates in school. His father and mother do not shown him much love as compared to his sisters. His only pride is that he is the fastest runner in his town until Leslie comes along and he too excel in drawing. Leslie’s parents are writers and she herself is also good at writing and imagining about magical world whereby elves, fairies and monsters exist. There is one funny thing about her family is that they never had a television set at home. Not that they could not afford it, just that her dad said that ‘TV will keep the brains cell’. Wahaha. No wonder i am getting stupid. On the contrary, Jess’s family are struggling to meet the ends. They can meet their basic needs but not anything more.

Jess’s life is changed when Leslie, the newcomer, won all the boys in the school in running. At first, he does not want to talk to her because of this incident. Later on their way back home, he finds out that she is the new kid living beside them. Leslie too is bullied in school because they think she is weird. She is the one who takes the initiative to get to know Jess. Soon they become friends and one day after school, they go to a place and find a rope hanging on the tree which is by the riverside. Therefore, her adventurous character starts to show, she uses the rope and swings herself over to the other side of the river and Jess joins her. This is where the whole story starts, this is a place where no one lives and she uses her imagination and creates a magical kingdom whereby there are no bullies here and they are the king and queen of this country named ‘Terabithia’. At first, Jess is a bit ‘blur’ but she tells him to use his imagination as she narrates the whole kingdom. There is this phase which i like ‘Close your eyes and keep your mind open’. Now, Jess is on the same wavelength as her, every animals, insects and things they encounter become one of their ‘adventures’ in this kingdom of theirs. They stumble upon a tree house and decide to make this into their castle. It is their ‘after school world’ for them. Their friendship grows day after day. They start to have more courage and meaning in their lives. They start to feel something special for each other. By this time, i was looking forward toward a happy ending towards the end of the show. Yet, a tragedy strikes, their music teacher asks Jess whether if he wants to go to the museum with her. Somehow Jess did not ask Leslie to go along with them and he takes a last look at her house before he leaves. The moment he returns home, he is scolded by his parents as they thought he is dead. The reason is that Leslie is dead when she tried to swing over to the magical world. The rope just broke for some reasons and she was drowned. Jess is devastated when he heard that Leslie is dead. He runs out of the house with all his strength to the secret kingdom, hoping to find her there. At this point, my tears just flowed, i too was saddened by the story.

I think i shall stop here for this story. For the ending, i am leaving it to your imagination. Close your eyes but keep your MIND open.


Hate it

March 30, 2007

I hate this period of time. Each time it comes, it brings along all other friends with it. Yup, that’s right. When Exams come, it usually are accompany by its friends such as Stress, Dark Eye Rings and Nervous. I have to combat with each one of them to the end. Today i just spent 200 plus on my spec. Super expensive. Was planning for 100plus only, but due to some changes in my eyes. Just the lens will cost me 135. Haiz. Nothing to say. Feeling so painful now.

I wondered if i will ever be back there. Honestly, i can say about 80% will be that i will not be going back anymore. Going to leave everything behind me. It’s time for a new start.


March 29, 2007

Finally in an hour time, i will be handing in my last assignment for this term. After that i can concentrate on catching up for my exams. This is the first time that i have done project work without meeting all my teammates. Not even online meeting or msn, everything is by email. A new experience for me. I have some troubles compiling up all the works as there is no communication of ideas, so do not really know what they want. Anyway, glad that there is someone to audit the papers after i am done with it. Personally it is great for me. Anyway my brother is coming back home today. Woohoo. I am going to make my new specs later. Hmm… Should i or should i not? Cause i still got a spare one which is nice but super easy to spoilt. Not good for sports and ICT. I want to go home and rest. Arghhhhh

It’s gone

March 28, 2007

Yup. It’s gone. My purple spec has gone into the rubbish bin. I accidentally broke it just now when i was sleeping on my bed. So it is time to make a new one and i am broke. Super sian. Anyway i got the design up in my head of what to make and it is the same colour which Grace has mentioned randomly. Wonder will it look nice? Hmm.. Just give it a try bah. If not, i will just make do with my spare spec which i make for a day like this. Haha.

Back to Him

March 27, 2007

It’s been sometimes since i last time about God to other people. In the past, i was all ready and excited to open up this topic yet now i find it hard to open my mouth and utter a word out. I used to wonder why people will leave church and get away from God. Now i know the reason why. Once you get too comfortable of living a life without God, you will not want to go back to the life of having God in your life again. There are always sacifices to be made for a life with God. Yet they are always the best for us in our lives. Somehow we just do not feel like putting them down. In a state that i am in now, i have almost given up on myself to be back in church once more. Still a beam of hope is still in my heart, a longing to be back in His presence, a desire above all other desires to worship Him once more and to love Him more than myself. Help me to be dwelling in Your words once again and put away all those undesirable stuffs that i am holding on so tightly. Perhaps i should attend Angie’s church for a while. Place me where i belong, Father. Help me make the wise choice.

Essay time

March 27, 2007

It is essay time for me again but this time i am not doing it alone. Waiting for my teammates to send me the parts then i will compile them together. I think the final draft will be totally different. Haha. Stress up about writing. Need to go and print out all my references first. I still prefer the hardcopy to read and highlight rather than looking at all the information in front of my computer screen. I like to hold it in my hands and take my time to read. Need to spend quite a lot of money though cos i got 100 over pages to read and extract the relevant info out.

My mother keeps asking almost everyday why my brother never keep calling back. Haiz. He has called back more often than me when i was in NS last time. I think i only made 1 phonecall back home during my 2 and half years of army life. That is the difference my brother and i. I am quite emotionless and does not like people to tie me down, will prefer a solitary life.

Invader attack

March 26, 2007

Just had a funny incident. My sister, mum and i were watching ‘A date with Vampires 3’ in my room then out of a sudden a cockroach came out of nowhere. My sister shouted and asked my mum to hand her the newspaper to kill it. Instead my mum opened the door and took the newspaper out with her, leaving only me and sis in the room to fight the invader. I was scared of it myself. Haha. But it will only happen when i need to kill it. If it’s just there then i would not have any feelings. That stupid cockroach ran from my sis’s bed to mine and hide under it. So i have to pull it out and conduct a throughout search. While i was standing on my bed and looking behind it, i broke the Christmas present which was given to me by Gemi and Junliang. It has been with me on my bed all these while. Since it is broken, i told my mum to throw it away. Haiz. In the end, the invader was killed by insecticide and i have to wrap it and throw it down the long long tunnel.


March 24, 2007

In a high state i am typing this post. I just returned home from my sec school gathering. Previously i have been too busy with church stuffs to meet up with them so finally i got a chance today. To catch up with them what i have been missing for the past 2 years plus. It was a great time together again for tonight. We celebrated Ben and Say Wee’s birthday. Had dinner at Ichiban, whether if it is the right name for it. Then head down to Bar Celona for a drink. I ordered Long Island Tea, woo it was high in alcohol content. Just one glass, i was feeling a bit of the high effect. So i estimated my limit to be like 3 to be the max. Seriously i have never gotten drunk before. I always stopped at my limit cos never want to put myself in a dangerous position. Need to thank Ben for driving me home too. Save my long walk home. Before this whole event, i went down to church to get my camera from Lester. He was a bit late though but God already let me know the reason before he explained it to me. So it’s ok for me to wait a while. Anyway everything went according to plan. Smoothly and nicely. Thank You, God.


March 23, 2007

Was watching this taiwaness tv show called the ‘No.8 Pawnshop’. It is about the stuggle between good and evil, in this case it is not in the christian context. Nevertheless it brings out the greed in man’s heart of how far man will go to get the desire of one’s heart. The evil side is running a so called pawnshop whether people can pawn whatever things that they own such as life, luck, properties, their children’s future, memories, ethics, kinship, friendship, love and most importantly their own souls. In exchange of the values of the stuffs that they pawned to the shop, they can request for what they want in their lives such as power, money, fame or curses on other people. Of couse, the pawnshop will never run a losing business so they often will setup traps to make their victims keeping coming back for more. Ultimately what they are really after are their souls. For the good side, they may appear to be ‘weaker’ in the show. Sometimes they may lose as the people who they are looking after eventually go back to the pawnshop. Yet, some of them found back themselves and values. Some may appear to be greedy but would not sell their souls out. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul?


March 22, 2007

Just had dinner with Elaine and Shing Yian at 85 market. Was quite nice, we ordered 4 dishes. Just nice, SY and me both wore our caps out today. Haha. I was lazy to style my hair so it was the fastest way to settle it.