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Happy Day

July 31, 2007

I am so happy today cos after so long, i can finally wear sandels to go out. Feel so good. Haha. I got 2 extra receipts today which means 30 bucks more for me. Dinner was with people from church. Too many and i do not bother to list them down. After which i left early and rush back to meet SY for supper. Chat for a while to see what she has been doing. As usual we walked our way back to the junction whereby i always send her. Hope i can wake up and go sentosa tomorrow. Arghhhh



July 29, 2007

Growing and falling in love with this song. It is so gentle and really touching.

Verse 1:
D F#m
I love, because you first loved me
A F#m
I live, because of what you gave
You died, showed me how to live
Your mercy taught me to forgive

Verse 2:
C#m F#m
You came and poured yourself so free
A E/G#
Your blood washed away my shame
D F#m
And now I can live again
I’m more of you and less of me

My first love
Forever you will be
My first breath
Your’re the life in me
My first joy
A F#m
The world can never take from me
My covenant
With you

D E F#m
Your Love Falls Down
D E F#m
Your Love Falls Down
D E F#m A
Your Love Falls Down Over Me


July 29, 2007

End of my working life for this holiday. Will be taking a short break and also to prepare for the school reopening. Overall it was a good working experience for me. Met up with Xav, Vinc they all for lunch today. Because they were at New Creation this morning so it was nice to see all the rest of them.

During this journey, i believed all of us have given alot out, no matter what is it tears or blood. I know God is up there watching what we all are doing. For me, i am like starting out again to know what it is like to come to know Him, love Him and seek Him. The journey and the changing process maybe slow but it is taking effects. Packing and rearranging what is important in my life.

2 more days

July 27, 2007

Just two more days and i will be free from my job. Not that i do not like it just that i am a bit tired now. Make a few new friends during the roadshow. Dexter and Ee Min(i hope it is right). What a coincidence that Ee Min is going to study Chinese in NTU and she lives in Tamp too. Haha. At least got someone to go back with me for the last 2 days.

Was thinking of the idea of going to a new church with SY. Then again maybe can ask her to come my church and have a look first. See what happens next bah.

Today there is this verse from John 20 that touched my heart.

Jesus said to her, “Stop holding on to me, 10 for I have not yet ascended to the Father. But go to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am going to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.'”

All the while in history, the Jews treated God as Lord or God and God to them was never a fatherly figure. This is where for the first time our whole identities have changed. No longer God was only God but He is a Father to us now. Just as Jesus said ‘I am going to My Father and your Father’. It has a deep impact on me. Now we can be called the children of God and come to Him face to face. By receiving the Holy Spirit, we are reborn into the kingdom of God as His children. What will happen if Jesus never chose the path of the cross?

Not for me

July 25, 2007

After working in the sales line for sometimes, i find that sales is not for me. I like talking to people yet at the same time, i find it hard to really sell that stuffs that i will not buy myself in the first place. This is not what i will do in my life. So maybe events management will more be for me, since it can put to use all that i have learnt. Any lobangs for this? Blogging during work. lol.

Say Cheese

July 24, 2007

Today i took over 200plus pictures for Danny’s convocation. It was nice overall helping him to take pictures with his friends. Somehow one of his friends look like Clara, i wonder if it is just my wrong impression. But they two do look alike in someway. Back to work for tomorrow. Sian

Strange Feelings

July 22, 2007

Was in church the first time without half of my cell. The feeling was so strange now that they had left. I missed them so much esp Gemi after so many years of friendship. Even the mentors are now gone. It is no matter what it used to be. I was wondering how come things can come to this stage. Halfway during worship today, i had this thing coming into my mind. What is true hunger? My God is a God of the living and not of the dead as said in the bible. Yet man has made doctrine until it is so dead that anything out of it, they could not accept and used the doctrine that was set to oppose. My God is alive, of the past, present and future. He is not those who belongs only to the past. Why man cannot do the same to doctrine? I believe God has His own timing for His plan. So if He choose to reveal certain things at certain times that we also must change accordingly and not just follow the past. This comes to the point of true hunger. What is true hunger and how many of us know that kind of hunger? True hunger is when one is so so in needs of that one thing that without it one will die. In order to get that, they are prepared to give up anything and try all kinds of methods that they can think of in order to get it. Once they have the item, they will not care whether is it real or fake but just go ahead and test it. If it is fake, then they will reject it. If it is true then accept. Yet many of us right now do not know what is true hunger. We are still in the stage whereby we have the rights to reject the testing when we find the items in the case. We can just give the conclusion that it is not the one that we are looking for based on our experience and go on with another one that is to our delights. The worst thing is that we think we are hungry and doing the right thing. I was wondering are we following man or God. At least for me, i can tell you i am full now. This is where i am for those who get my meaning.

Anyway, working at Courts was quite fun for me. There is a sercet level for eating meals and staffs will get 50% off when buying from the level 2 shop that sells foods. Will be station at Suntect for the whole of next week.

Who do you want to follow? Man or God? Following man will be easy but choosing God is a tough road with blessings on the way.

Quick Update

July 20, 2007

Just a quick update on what happened over the past few days. On thurs, went down for a interview for the upcoming Comet Fair with Tow Ming, Jun Yong and Vincent. The four of us were late for the interview but the person still took us. I think he is short of manpower. Haha. After which we just went down to orchard for a walk, quite nice to just shop around. Yesterday i went down to Toshiba for my products training and guess who i met over there. It was a surprise but i never thought i will meet Zhou Jing there. He will be the one to take over me on tue when i am on leave to help Danny take pictures. How small this world is. Was all ready to go for cell but last minute i went photo shooting with Richard. Since he is leaving in August so i do not think i have time to take shoot together so i just use the chance yesterday. So sorry to the rest of them. From today till next weekend, i will be very busy because will be working everyday. Hopefully i can last for the next 9 days.

Too many choices

July 16, 2007

Never update my blog for the past 3 days. Nothing much also except that i have been working. Found a few jobs right now. So it’s is good for me because this means an extra source of income for me. With extra cash, i tend to spend it because i have more buying power right now. As i was thinking of whether do i want to get new lens or a Mac, i find it hard to decide. Until now then i realise there is something else that is more worth it than these two. I almost forgot what i am pursuing in life until i chatted with Xin Hui again. She reminds me of why i decide to stay back for 1 more sem in school. Why i chose to take econs module instead of 2011. At least she helps me to get back on tracks for my dreams. So i decided to sign up for the CFA exams next June. Hopefully i have enought money to sign up if not i will go for the next Dec one. I like my weekend job also. The working hours are good enough for me to go church just that last weekend they sent me to the roadshow at funan. So the timing was bad. But it’s ok, this week will be better.

2nd chance

July 11, 2007

The lesson for the day is all about that. In the afternoon before i decided to wear contact lens for soccer, i had a very strong feeling that i was going to lost my right contact lens. Though i will lost it during soccer that time. But i dropped it when i was trying to wear it. Sian. Then i searched high and low for it for about 30mins before i finally gave up. Saw a lot of my friends at the soccer field. Feel so siong after not running for so long. Still it was fun. Anyway when i decided to buy a daily one for my right eye, the first shop that i went that their attitube were not too good and they did not keep stock. So i decided to give myself a 2nd chance and looked for another. I found one and the service was so much better. Even though i wanted to buy just a pair only, she offered to test the eyesight again. Even when i wanted to withdraw so money from the ATM, i need to find a 2nd one too. Cos the first only allowed me to withdraw $50 instead of $20. Finally when i reached home, i do not know why i did to look for my lens again at the most impossible place. It was behind or under the bottle of handwash. According to my logical mind, it is impossible as the position when i dropped it, it should land in the basin instead of a place whereby it is shielded by a glass above it. How strange things in life are. Beyond reason and logical but not God. I thank You, Father.