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August 31, 2007

Finally i have submitted the executive summary for the business plan. It was at the last last minute. Have to admit that it was quite rush because at 11pm we are still editing the report. Somemore Delvin’s internet is down so have to meet him at TM’s Mac to finish up the job. I thank God that it is done somehow.

I think it’s tough being the team leader of the group. Somemore when my team members are all better than me. I do not know why every decision still must go through me. Haiz. Maybe i am the leader? Haha. But i think i am there for the purpose to tie every little thing up. Communicating with everyone and be the main person that they can look for in case of anything. So i must have the clearest picture of what the plan is going to be like because of the regular changes in ideas. I do not know if i did a great job on that but i hope God to be my strength in this. Let me shine forth for You to the rest.


2 different sides

August 30, 2007

On my way home today, something came to my mind. Maybe something that i have never realised before. For my body alone the left and right sides are just so different, different to the extreme. My left eye is just pure asti while for my right it is just pure shortsightedness. My right hand is so much stronger than my left yet my left is so much flexible than my right. For my right foot is also strong but when kicking the ball it has no accuracy whereas my left is just the opposite.

Somehow i cannot help but to think about the recent event. We are all of the same body yet somehow in the way we view things it may seem so different. Still we are serving one body. Bascially we are all called to do the same commandment, yet the way we do it can be so different. In the end, we are still under one body, at any point of time when one side are unable to carry out the task given, the other side can just help to finish it. If both sides are the same, then it will be impossible to do certain tasks.

Of course the best thing is to combine the strengths of the two and take out the weaknesses so that it will be perfect. But human is not perfect and is not able to reach the stage.

When all is stripped away

August 27, 2007

Maybe for all these times i have not truly know what is the Father’s unconditional love. How is it like to be having this love of His in me. Right now, when all is stripped away, it will be a test for me. Without worshipping at familiar places and without all those friends, will i be able to be the one whom God has made me to be? Will i still be seeking His heart and not let fear hold me back. I want to be strong and be fighting for You.

Settling down

August 25, 2007

After dragging for a few months, i have not yet settled down in a church yet. But it’s going to be soon. Still sorting out some issues in my life. Once again, i have to face the strange feelings again. With His help, i will overcome this. Right now, i have this business concept which i feel it is feasible. I hope to work together with others and see whether can it make it out in the market.

Father, if You are doing great works in the world then i pray that my eyes will not be blinded from what You are doing. Restore a new spirit and heart in me. Take away the old one which has corrupted and died of. Change it to one that will always be seeking You. Forgive me for what i have thought, said and done. Do not let me be alone in this fight, fight beside me, Father. In my weakness, You are glorified.


August 22, 2007

Esther called me to ask if she could join my team for the business plan. Haiz. Have to reject her because the rest of the team including me did not want anymore people in. I feel partly the reason is that she will not be able to add much value to the team. I mean this world is practical if one is of no value then most likely they will not be accepted. Unlike Christ who is able to accept all no matter if they have anything to give. Even Apple i did not ask her to join because of this reason too. Not that they are of no value but just that their skills will not be able to put into use for this matter. I hate to reject people but i must learn this lesson somehow.


August 21, 2007

Had our first meeting in school today. Out of so many ideas, i still never see one that gives me the ‘woo’ factor. That i would snap my finger and said ‘This is the one’. All the ideas can get us to the semi-final but to go on to the final and win a prize. I am still not seeing one yet. Hopefully over the weekend, we will be able to think of one. So i am the leader of this team now and the pressure is really on me because all of us want to go and win it. Still lacking that ‘W’ factor. Haiz

Yes Sir

August 18, 2007

It’s been a while since i come here and update. I went back to my camp today because of mobilsation. So many changes for the past 3 years that i am not around. Great to see those old faces around. Saw one of Gemi’s classmates from NTU and he still remembered me. Haha. After that, i went out with Andy and Linus. Been so so long since we went out together. Times are always great with them. Had dinner at China Square then just walked to Clarke Quay to see the fireworks. Not really that nice.

For my business plan, i do not know if i am a failure as a team leader. Find it hard to keep the team organise. David decided not to join because of his overloaded school work. Haiz. The people are all looking up to me for meetings, arrangement and all others. I wondered why because they are all better than me. One is a Dean’s list student also. Freak. Pressure…

Need the East Wind

August 13, 2007

All are ready except to find a feasible product to market. If not, then we have to just go for services. The thing about services or just the idea is that the chances of winning are very low. Usually judges prefer a ready product than a concept alone. The cons about services is that the initial isolatation period is very short. Looking at the trend of the past few hits, people tend to be a ‘copycat’ in that area. Unless we can find a way to overcome this problem, we may not be able to make it into the finals.

Time for a change

August 11, 2007

Today i met Yen at West Mall. Haha. One of the people whom i met during my Suntec Roadshow. He taught me a few sales tactics. So quite happy with that. After so long, i have thought of it very clearly that it is time for me to change a church. My 1st choice is Lighthouse which is near my house. Maybe asking Weijie to bring me there and see how. This year is my 7th year in church so it’s time for a change in environment. The only thing left is to tell the rest of them.

A little changes

August 9, 2007

I found one more members for my team which is David to cover the designing part. So the team is a complete team liao. Wanted to ask Apple but i think it will be more selfish on my part. So better forget it. Now it is a team of Seven. Plus a very important member which i have forgotten who is God. There is only so far which i can depends on man but God is who i can totally relies on. Now i must think about if i should be the team leader. Not sure if i can commit to this post but i love to try it out. Since i am the one who put this team together so more or less they will ask me to be the leader. I prefer voting still. If they want me then i shall be it. For the better, i think some other more capable person must be the leader. I will just be the nobody and if win the prize, just grab my share and run. Haha.

So excited. Going to have the first meeting tomorrow. Hope nothing goes wrong. Crossing my fingers. Working on weekends. Haiz. Plus essay to hand in on mon. So many things.