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Strained Calf

September 30, 2007

Had a very bad run this morning. Started off too fast then half way went to the restroom. After which, my calf became too tight and strain to really run at a normal pace. Sian. Weather was fine not raining like last week. A bit on the sunny side. Too many random thoughts which i could not concentrate at all. Still there is one good thing. On the way home, Zhiyu asked if i am still going to church. Well i told her i am finding a new one which most probably will be on a sat evening so sunday i can run. The good thing is that she told me to tell her if i find one so Ah hao and her also can go too. This is a great news to hear. I thank God for it. Since i knew her from Year 1, i knew she is a Christian but not in any church because of her parents. She was planning to go one when she reached 21 if i remembered correctly. So i guess i will not be attending a new church alone.  Thank You, Father.


Some pics on yest

September 27, 2007


SY’s bdae

September 26, 2007

Celebrated Sy’s birthday today, we got lots of desserts. Such as cake, ice creams and chessecakes. Too full and too much, in the end we did not manage to finish all of them. Had a great time at cell today, been a long long long time since i saw the rest. Think it’s the same thing that it become smaller. Oh well. Anything more to say. Not really but tomorrow will be the last day whereby i will be meeting the rest of the minor except for my team mates. All the best guys.


September 23, 2007

It is so amazing that i am running on a sunday morning. I was raining with Zhiyu, Jolin and her friend Huishan at East Coast this morning. On my way back, it rained but then i just kept on running. Must be not running for too long le. That’s why i feel i did not have enough strength to push on, not that i am lacking in stamina but just the power. But then the walk with God is just like the run this morning. At the start, one will have energy to run on and on and when it came to the breaking point, some may give up some may continue running. For those who are still running, that is good for them. For those who decide to stop and walk, it maybe bad but when companions come along the way and push you on. You will have the strength to join them and start running again even if the starting again part is tough. Then you could maybe continue for a bit more. And the big rain comes along, you lose sight of your companions as they maybe hiding at some shelter. Yet, you decide to keep on raining until the end point. With every drops of the water that splash on your body, your clothes and shoes become heavier and heavier. As the wind blows stronger and stronger, you begin to feel cold and lonely. With your eyes setting sight on what is ahead, there is not much to be seen as the rain water keeps getting into your eyes. Now your whole body become weak and shelter after shelter you pass by. The tempetation of stopping and talking a rest is so great. Nevertheless, you know this is not what you want, because all that is in your mind is only the end point. This is what i feel when i was running this morning. Ultimately i know God is with me when i am running, it takes the rain for me to find out that when the going gets tougher, the more the grace of God will be with me. The strength to carry on is there for the taking and it will be yours only when you seek it. I have to admit that there is one part during the rain when i really feel like giving up. I kept on running and running without knowing where i am because of the heavy rain. Before i knew it, i have already passed by way beyond the ending point. From this, i know that God’s grace will be more than abundance for those who seek Him. More than you will ever need to overcome all your problems. Amen.

After the run, Zhiyu, Jolin and me went to Kbox and sing our hearts out. Haha. It was really fun to sing with them. I think the duet that i sang with Jolin is my best out of all. Or maybe the MayDay one is also not bad. Haha. Looking forward to the next run next sunday.

New lens?

September 22, 2007

Hmm, now i am thinking of getting a 24-70mm F2.8 L lens. Still waiting for people to give me a good price. If not then so be it. is up so can take a look at it. Anyway was talking to Lester just now and he thought my way of thinking is abit negative. It is not negative to think that i may pass away anytime. Just that i deeply knew in my heart that for everyday i live is grace from God. Every breathe that i take is all by His grace. If not, i will have die long ago.

Supper time

September 21, 2007

Just reached home after having supper with SY and Elaine. When SY suggested supper i knew that she was not going to have dinner or rather no time to have it. It is just so her. Haha. So there we were at Simpang Bedok and on our way back, SY said some wrong stuffs which almost got us into trouble. Haha. Lucky Singapore is still quite a safe country. It turned out to be quite late so have to walk her back home. A nice walk is always good. On my way back, i remembered i used to have dreams about my cell the last time. Wondering if one day if we really can just go around in vans and perform. But it came crashing down. Still i know that it is my dream and at the end of it, it may not be what God has in plan. Let Your dreams be mine and not mine be Yours.

Old friends

September 20, 2007

Saw a few old friends when i went to school this afternoon. They are Agnes and Shirin whom i have not seen for 2 years. Feel very happy to see both of them at the same time. Agnes is getting slimmer and slimmer. Haha. Bought a new CD today. Thinking over some issues. This afternoon i felt that sometimes we placed too much attention to sins. Not that we should not talk about them but maybe not so so much time. At times i feel that we should be teaching people on how to be closer to God. When people are close to God, natually we will know what are sins and how to deal with them. No one who is close to God will love sins. Why teach people on how to avoid the negative stuffs when we can just give them the positive side. There is one phrase that i like in the whole cd.

 Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen

Show me how to love like You have loved me

Break my heart for what breaks Yours

Everything i am for Your kingdom’s cause

As i walk from earth into eternity

September 18, 2007

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September 18, 2007

Just watched Rat…atouille with Elaine and ShingYian. Think this movie took quite long to arrange. Took about 3 weeks. lol. Luckily it was not a flop like the Nightmaaaaaaaaare Dectective that we watched the last time. That show was really horrible. Not much to type here too. Did not know what i want to say too. Lately under alot of stress, losing my sleep and now i need to take some medicine so that i can sleep. If not, i think my mind will be super active. Processing lot of stuffs inside it.


September 17, 2007

My team did not managed to get into the semi final. Haiz. Sort of expected it beforehand. Maybe the prof is right after all. Business plan competition most of the time may seem to be a fluke. Because often the winning team will not be able to carry their plan out. Too much bullshit and hotair in them. Maybe this is one of the ways to console myself but still not too disappointed. Walked it off with a long walk from Hougang to Compasspoint. Still i have EN105 to prove that it will work and also another KIV one with Xavier. I am looking forward to the one with Xavier if Silin thinks it is workable. Haha. One more week to term break. Woohoo