Strained Calf

Had a very bad run this morning. Started off too fast then half way went to the restroom. After which, my calf became too tight and strain to really run at a normal pace. Sian. Weather was fine not raining like last week. A bit on the sunny side. Too many random thoughts which i could not concentrate at all. Still there is one good thing. On the way home, Zhiyu asked if i am still going to church. Well i told her i am finding a new one which most probably will be on a sat evening so sunday i can run. The good thing is that she told me to tell her if i find one so Ah hao and her also can go too. This is a great news to hear. I thank God for it. Since i knew her from Year 1, i knew she is a Christian but not in any church because of her parents. She was planning to go one when she reached 21 if i remembered correctly. So i guess i will not be attending a new church alone.  Thank You, Father.


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