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Too draggy

October 30, 2007

Joleen is too indecisive on the HK trip. Taking too long to decide on whether she wants to go anot. Why must she wait for Samuel for a reply? Though it’s not her fault yet i think this will become a problem to the rest of us. We can’t get things done in this way. Cannot book air tickets and other stuffs. And it’s almost running out of slots for the flight on the dates that we want. If she is not going then i would not be going too le cos i do not want to be a lightbulb there for zhiyu and hao. Haha. No lack of places for me to go during the holidays. Haha. Long time never see the rest of my friends le, just realised Junming finally got a gf. Quite fast for him to work on that. Must be the one at work. Best wishes for him. Suddenly i do not know why but i missed Karina and our days of bickering at each other during my Sec 3&4 days. Maybe one day i will do a search on the internet to find her. But it’s going to be a major operation since she is like MIA from the earth. Been so many years since i last saw her which was like my JC days. Wow…


Slack weekends

October 28, 2007

Yesterday was out with Danny, Venice and Zhiwei. Quite fun as we played pool. Haha. Long time since i played and my skills are the 1st from the bottom. Haha. Met Kim on the train and we catch up for a while before she left to meet her friend to shop. She is the one of the few whom i have high chance of bumping into when i am out. Did not really enjoy my run this morning as i am over whelmed by the upcoming exams. Fear is in my heart. Had a great lunch with them and we further discussed our hong kong trip. It seems confirmed that we are going for it. Now is to make sure it can tie in with my China trip too. May not have enough to go but will see how. After running was a game of badminto with Jia jia and her friends. I realised that it is super tiring to play after a run. So no more of sports activities after running next time. Waiting for time to pass so that i can go to Sam’s house and watch the Big Match for tonight. Crossing my fingers now.

Massive Stress

October 26, 2007

It’s 4am near 5 in the morning, yet i am still wide awake. I am super stressed to the point that even if i take medication that i still could not sleep. Super super stress about the coming exams. Also on this sunday, it’s a massive match. I do hope Arsenal are able to crave out a win at Anfield to prove that we can go for the title this season. Think must go get some sleeping pills from the doc le.

Here’s e Pics

October 21, 2007


A bit of RELIEF

October 19, 2007

Finally, i saw my last CA passing by today. Not going to care how i fare for it. Will be the last of my mind because going to mug for exams now. Less than 1 month to go. Haiz. Hope i can pass all my subjects this sem. Lucky this is Sam to give me a last minute crash course if not i will confirm die for my quiz today.

Dinner was with CG yesterday. People present will be Haidee, Jane, Elaine, SY, Jer and Jay. It was kindly organised by Haidee so a big thanks to her. Venue will be at Ashton, the steak there was quite good considering the price and we had ice cream after that. What a FATtening dinner. I ordered red wine to go alone with the steak. Quite an enjoyment. Just to relax and chill a bit after mugging and mugging. Was planning to ask if the running people want to go ktv this sun. But Joleen might have to work according to Zhiyu so KIV first.

Anyway i do not think i will be going out for tomorrow. Taking a bit of rest and mug somemore. Just waiting for sunday and monday to come. Too much have been put on hold. Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow. Giving myself abit of slack. Haha.


October 14, 2007

Did not join the rest to jog today. Feeling very stressed or maybe more of confused right now. Did not know if i can force myself to complete the engineering course anot. Because i really have no interest in it anymore. In my heart, i know very clearly it is not what i want to do. Feeling very meaningless. Haiz. Maybe just want to stay away from the rest of the world of a while. Living in a world of my own.

On fri, i told Chris and Sam on some advices on relationship. I have a good knowledge on matters of the heart yet why am i still single. Maybe last time i went after gals just for the sake of going after. I did not try hard enough to woo them. Because i love myself more than them. Find it too troublesome. In my dream, i did have this gal whom i am very anxious about. At least the faintest impression that i have of her is that her name is called Moon. The funniest thing is that i did not even have a friend in real life by that name. Haha. The thing is that when i woke up from my dream, i felt this painful feeling in my heart of losing her. So much so that i almost cannot tell dream from reality that i went through my hp contacts to see if there is this person. Maybe i will meet this gal whom i did not seen her face in my dream later on in life. Maybe she is the one i am looking for…

Red Alert

October 11, 2007

For the coming week, i have to cancel most of my appointments except for those very important ones. Because i have a quiz every alternate days., which is going to kill me. Exams is coming soon enough and i have to start my studying now cos been doing nothing for the whole sem. The feeling of studying is really not there. I really wonder how people went through all these shit. It’s really a waste of time to study my Year 1 subject but i do not know why they still put them inside as part of the course. The whole NTU system needs to be reviewed cos i suspect people are just getting paid for doing nothing. A bunch of people who spent half their lives studying without any jobs experience. Just get a PHD and then they think they can enjoy the rest of their lives by teaching. That’s how the … education system works in Singapore. Doom to be a failure in these era.  

HK trip

October 7, 2007

After running for today, we were talking about going to a trip to HK at the end of the year. The idea is good because there is a group of us going. Hoping to have more people then it will be fun. Haha. Still in the planning stage for now, the chances i would say is 50-50.

Late Fitness test

October 6, 2007

I think i still can jog for tomorrow. Though it is not at 100% but i think the calf has recovered to around 65%. Will not overpush myself tomorrow. Will be meeting up with Silin and Xavier again on monday. Looking forward to it. It’s feel funny that i did not even want to celebrate my birthday this year. Just this monday but i was not looking forward to it. Having no one in mind to celebrate with. Just 1 year and the changes are too much. Last year was the happy one with my CG and everyone, together with Abel they all. But this year things have changed. Well, i accepted them as they come into my life. The only thing that is constant in this world is ‘change’. People change, life change and the world is changing. Yet it seems so amazing that God is never changing.


October 4, 2007

Suppose to be jogging with SY but we had a bit of mis-com so ended up she jogged on her own and i on my own. Haha. My calf  is strained again. Haiz. Have to be on the injury list for this sunday. See if i can pass a late fitness test. Haha