Did not join the rest to jog today. Feeling very stressed or maybe more of confused right now. Did not know if i can force myself to complete the engineering course anot. Because i really have no interest in it anymore. In my heart, i know very clearly it is not what i want to do. Feeling very meaningless. Haiz. Maybe just want to stay away from the rest of the world of a while. Living in a world of my own.

On fri, i told Chris and Sam on some advices on relationship. I have a good knowledge on matters of the heart yet why am i still single. Maybe last time i went after gals just for the sake of going after. I did not try hard enough to woo them. Because i love myself more than them. Find it too troublesome. In my dream, i did have this gal whom i am very anxious about. At least the faintest impression that i have of her is that her name is called Moon. The funniest thing is that i did not even have a friend in real life by that name. Haha. The thing is that when i woke up from my dream, i felt this painful feeling in my heart of losing her. So much so that i almost cannot tell dream from reality that i went through my hp contacts to see if there is this person. Maybe i will meet this gal whom i did not seen her face in my dream later on in life. Maybe she is the one i am looking for…


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