A bit of RELIEF

Finally, i saw my last CA passing by today. Not going to care how i fare for it. Will be the last of my mind because going to mug for exams now. Less than 1 month to go. Haiz. Hope i can pass all my subjects this sem. Lucky this is Sam to give me a last minute crash course if not i will confirm die for my quiz today.

Dinner was with CG yesterday. People present will be Haidee, Jane, Elaine, SY, Jer and Jay. It was kindly organised by Haidee so a big thanks to her. Venue will be at Ashton, the steak there was quite good considering the price and we had ice cream after that. What a FATtening dinner. I ordered red wine to go alone with the steak. Quite an enjoyment. Just to relax and chill a bit after mugging and mugging. Was planning to ask if the running people want to go ktv this sun. But Joleen might have to work according to Zhiyu so KIV first.

Anyway i do not think i will be going out for tomorrow. Taking a bit of rest and mug somemore. Just waiting for sunday and monday to come. Too much have been put on hold. Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow. Giving myself abit of slack. Haha.


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