Slack weekends

Yesterday was out with Danny, Venice and Zhiwei. Quite fun as we played pool. Haha. Long time since i played and my skills are the 1st from the bottom. Haha. Met Kim on the train and we catch up for a while before she left to meet her friend to shop. She is the one of the few whom i have high chance of bumping into when i am out. Did not really enjoy my run this morning as i am over whelmed by the upcoming exams. Fear is in my heart. Had a great lunch with them and we further discussed our hong kong trip. It seems confirmed that we are going for it. Now is to make sure it can tie in with my China trip too. May not have enough to go but will see how. After running was a game of badminto with Jia jia and her friends. I realised that it is super tiring to play after a run. So no more of sports activities after running next time. Waiting for time to pass so that i can go to Sam’s house and watch the Big Match for tonight. Crossing my fingers now.


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