Too draggy

Joleen is too indecisive on the HK trip. Taking too long to decide on whether she wants to go anot. Why must she wait for Samuel for a reply? Though it’s not her fault yet i think this will become a problem to the rest of us. We can’t get things done in this way. Cannot book air tickets and other stuffs. And it’s almost running out of slots for the flight on the dates that we want. If she is not going then i would not be going too le cos i do not want to be a lightbulb there for zhiyu and hao. Haha. No lack of places for me to go during the holidays. Haha. Long time never see the rest of my friends le, just realised Junming finally got a gf. Quite fast for him to work on that. Must be the one at work. Best wishes for him. Suddenly i do not know why but i missed Karina and our days of bickering at each other during my Sec 3&4 days. Maybe one day i will do a search on the internet to find her. But it’s going to be a major operation since she is like MIA from the earth. Been so many years since i last saw her which was like my JC days. Wow…


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