For the past few days, i have been relaxing. Went to Malacca with JY on Mon and Tue, it was quite a nice trip. Makes me understand quite alot of stuffs. Somehow when i saw the waterfall, some thoughts just came into my mind. Maybe our lives are just like water falling from the top of the waterfall. Our beginning is at the top and our ending is at the end. This is the same for all of us with no exceptions. As we just flow from the top, we begin to choose our own lives. Rocks will appear now and then to block our paths and we have to make a choice of which way to flow. Maybe some will just jump of the rocks and immediately reach the end faster than the rest of us. Is not it amazing that the free will of human is just like water?

Anyway i just watched Enchanted. It was a very nice movie. The humor is there. Love the songs and characters.

Forgiveness is not pardon. Forgiveness is an attitude. After the trip to Malacca, then i truly realised what is forgiveness. Sometimes i can’t learn go of the hurts that people have done to me in the past as the word ‘Sorry’ never never came from their mouths. I wondered is it a good or bad thing that they are out of my lives. Yet, the need to forgive them is holding me by my neck that at times i could not breathe at all. It took me the life of one special person who died 8 years ago to remind me of this lesson again.


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