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Do they know

December 31, 2007

Often i find it weird when i heard free thinkers saying ‘thank god’. Because it is an irony itself for people who do not really believe in any religion yet they say that. If i were to draw an analogy, it will be like sending out an email without knowing who will be on the receiving end. Nevertheless, these people still believe there is a God out there somewhere. People believe in God for various reasons, some maybe good and some may not. The usual will be that they are looking for some form of escape from unhappiness, despair or maybe life itself. We will need some outlets for us to transfer out our negative feelings. That is why some women will shop like crazy when they are unhappy. If the issue that is causing the unhappiness is long term, then people will turn to God. It can be in the form of cursing and swearing or it can be helplessness. This is due to the fact that they have run out of solutions and they need a source of hope to help them get through. Without hope, people will not have the strength to face the daylight of tomorrow.

Everyone in this world is all searching for a hope. People who buy 4D are hoping to win it big one day, students who study are hoping that they can get a good job next time, beggars beg because they hope to receive some money and …  The fundamental of living itself is built upon hope. The moment hope is rob from a person, chances are that the person will not live to see the next dawn. Of course, such cases are rarely seen in life because to reach a stage of ultimate hopelessness in life, it will take one to go through hell.  


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December 31, 2007

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December 30, 2007

HK Trip

Horse Racing

HK Trip

Racecourse Entrance


Sleeping Beauty???


Somewhere i can’t remember…


On top of a open-air tram






Ocean park


What do U see


Ya. I was not on the ride


The great steps to …

Touched down

December 30, 2007

Yippee, i am finally back in Singapore. Great to be at home once again. After this few days, i think i know them abit better. Will blog again tomorrow. Need to rush my report now. Sharks.

K-ing away

December 27, 2007

This 2 days in Hong Kong has been fun. Haha. Lots and lots of walking to do, till the point whereby my soles are in pain at the end of each day. It is all worth it i guess at the end of the day. I hope to use this time to spend sometime with God too. Still figuring out the meaning of life here. A long way to go i think.

At least, i have 2 days of our trip. The peak was the very interesting one. High up at the mountain with only the cold wind blowing at me, it was freezing my blood and my poor poor camera. Till the point, the clicker cannot even be used. Have to give it a cold pill and let it rest for one day. So it was back at work again for today.

Here i am using the internet at the K-box to post this entry of mine. I cannot believe that i have to rush a report when i am back in Singapore. Unsure if i can complete it on time but Delvin has given me the assurance. I think they have already made up and discuss what story to tell our prof. So yup… Haha

I think if Sam was here, Joleen will have enjoy her trip better. Since he fly her aeorplane the last minute, i do not know why she is still hanging to him. In myview, it is quite a foolish thing to do. But affairs of the heart are complicated, so i also will not poke my nose too much into it. Shall not be involved in too much stuffs. Maybe humans love to bring pain to themselves.

4 hours

December 25, 2007

Will be flying off Singapore soil in exactly 4 hours time. I think some people will think i am going for this trip because Joleen is going. But nope, i am going to Hong Kong because i love to travel. I am not even interested in her to the extent that i am not going to ask for her hp nos. So for those who are thinking the wrong way, please do not misunderstand me.

Just wanted to post this before i leave.

Our life is just like the heartrate monitor. As long as we are alive, the heartrate will pulse ‘Up and Down, Up and Down’. So in moments of happiness or sadness, whether are we on the upside or downside of life, be glad because it is the prove that we are still living. Because of the dead will have a flat pulse, which means they can no longer experience the ups and downs of life.

Flying off

December 24, 2007

I will be flying off in a few hours time. Hope the weather will be fine over there and God will keep us safe and sound. Not too excited over this trip, as i feel suddenly there are so much things to buy for people. Haha. Maybe i will be bringing none back.

As i was walking back home, this thought just came into my mind. Will the people whom seem to be right in the first place, turned out to be in the wrong because of the way they handled the situation? Is there really true forgiveness on their part? 

If there is really forgiveness then why will they want to stop all contact? Because i do not see in the bible whereby Jesus forgave and yet He said ‘Please do not look for me again’. Maybe people can get on with their lives and even feel stronger than before. But i feel this issue will always be on their hearts. As long as the word ‘forgive’ is not been said out to the other party. They can feel they have already done so in their hearts but if that is the case, then why …

The pros of being in no man land is being able to look from both sides. The cons will be that i am standing alone. I admitted i have fallen far greater than before. However the tiny sparkle in my heart still remains, as i am recovering from my fall, it shines brighter and brighter and shows me far greater things than anyone could have thought.

The world is so full of evil yet a sparkle of hope is still beaming. Calling anyone who is looking for salvation to Him. Because on this day, Jesus came and exchanged whatever sins we have for the heaven He had prepared for us on the day we were born. 


December 20, 2007

Sometimes i wonder how the world looks at Christians. What are our views in their eyes? Even myself or those whom i am dealing with, i can be disappointed. What more if i look at myself from the eyes of a non Christian. Promises are so often broken. Relationships are so fragile. How can we convince to others that our Father is faithful when we are breaking our own promises? How can we show to other this everlasting relationship with God when ours just come and go like wind? It is always easy to say. Yet we are not acting it out. We just do whatever we feel are right without considering other’s feelings. Are we just like a wolf in sheep clothing? Or something worse…

1 more week

December 17, 2007

1 more week to go before i am leaving on a jet plane to hong kong. Haha. So excited about this trip but all the more i am looking forward to my Japan trip next week if i manage to save enough for it. So i am going to learn japanese in order to prepare myself for the trip. Haha. Anyone who is interested to learn japanese can sign up together for a course. The fees are quite exp. I am not going to learn it in school because i got no more AUs for that. Sad.

The ‘L’ word

December 15, 2007

Everyone in this world is fearful of the ‘L’ word. So what is this word that has so much power over people? It is none other than loneliness. This is also why God created Eve in the first place. So that Adam will have someone else to be with him in the Garden of Eden. In the depth of each heart, there is a longing for attention, care, concern and love. We always need affirmation for whatever we do.

Because of this void in our hearts, people tend to fill it with other items such as power, money, fame and others. Maybe some will go and try other means to get attention from others. We are always trying means and ways to fill this void. Each time it seems to be filled only for that short while before we are on the search for more.

Our hearts are just like a room that are covered in darkness. Each time when we put an item such as money in, it seems to fill up a little bit but because of the darkness, we are not such of how much it has it been filled up. As we walk in this room, we then realise it feel so empty. So we begin to find more stuffs and fill it. Hopefully one day, we will not feel the emptiness in our hearts.

What most do not know is that there is one thing in this world that can fill this bottomless pit of us. The light of God can help us illuminate this room of ours right away. His love will fill the whole room with warmth, kindness and mercy. With His light, we can see what kind of stuffs have we been chucking into this room of ours. Then it is time to take a stock check of our lives.

It is precisely at this point we need to decide what kind of stuffs do we want to put in this room. Because now we can see what is good for us and what is not. What are things that we really need in this room of ours.

Of course, the devil will try to steal away all these from us. Because God comes to fill our lives with love and hope and the evil one comes to steal. Even when we were still in darkness, he will steal from us to make our room a bottomless pit. What more will he do when we have the Light in our room? With light, we can see clearly but do we know how to guard against the thief. Seeing is one thing and guarding is another. Another point is that do we want to fill this room with what is pleasant or those that will corrupt this room of ours since there is light in the room.

A quick update will be that we have already planned our HK trip. Felt happy about it. Met elaine yesterday when i was meeting dylan, danny, kian wee, zhiwei, lili and venice. We went to chill out till around 3am. Haha. It was a nice time catching up with one another. Looking forward to more of this kind of times.