The ‘L’ word

Everyone in this world is fearful of the ‘L’ word. So what is this word that has so much power over people? It is none other than loneliness. This is also why God created Eve in the first place. So that Adam will have someone else to be with him in the Garden of Eden. In the depth of each heart, there is a longing for attention, care, concern and love. We always need affirmation for whatever we do.

Because of this void in our hearts, people tend to fill it with other items such as power, money, fame and others. Maybe some will go and try other means to get attention from others. We are always trying means and ways to fill this void. Each time it seems to be filled only for that short while before we are on the search for more.

Our hearts are just like a room that are covered in darkness. Each time when we put an item such as money in, it seems to fill up a little bit but because of the darkness, we are not such of how much it has it been filled up. As we walk in this room, we then realise it feel so empty. So we begin to find more stuffs and fill it. Hopefully one day, we will not feel the emptiness in our hearts.

What most do not know is that there is one thing in this world that can fill this bottomless pit of us. The light of God can help us illuminate this room of ours right away. His love will fill the whole room with warmth, kindness and mercy. With His light, we can see what kind of stuffs have we been chucking into this room of ours. Then it is time to take a stock check of our lives.

It is precisely at this point we need to decide what kind of stuffs do we want to put in this room. Because now we can see what is good for us and what is not. What are things that we really need in this room of ours.

Of course, the devil will try to steal away all these from us. Because God comes to fill our lives with love and hope and the evil one comes to steal. Even when we were still in darkness, he will steal from us to make our room a bottomless pit. What more will he do when we have the Light in our room? With light, we can see clearly but do we know how to guard against the thief. Seeing is one thing and guarding is another. Another point is that do we want to fill this room with what is pleasant or those that will corrupt this room of ours since there is light in the room.

A quick update will be that we have already planned our HK trip. Felt happy about it. Met elaine yesterday when i was meeting dylan, danny, kian wee, zhiwei, lili and venice. We went to chill out till around 3am. Haha. It was a nice time catching up with one another. Looking forward to more of this kind of times.  


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