Flying off

I will be flying off in a few hours time. Hope the weather will be fine over there and God will keep us safe and sound. Not too excited over this trip, as i feel suddenly there are so much things to buy for people. Haha. Maybe i will be bringing none back.

As i was walking back home, this thought just came into my mind. Will the people whom seem to be right in the first place, turned out to be in the wrong because of the way they handled the situation? Is there really true forgiveness on their part? 

If there is really forgiveness then why will they want to stop all contact? Because i do not see in the bible whereby Jesus forgave and yet He said ‘Please do not look for me again’. Maybe people can get on with their lives and even feel stronger than before. But i feel this issue will always be on their hearts. As long as the word ‘forgive’ is not been said out to the other party. They can feel they have already done so in their hearts but if that is the case, then why …

The pros of being in no man land is being able to look from both sides. The cons will be that i am standing alone. I admitted i have fallen far greater than before. However the tiny sparkle in my heart still remains, as i am recovering from my fall, it shines brighter and brighter and shows me far greater things than anyone could have thought.

The world is so full of evil yet a sparkle of hope is still beaming. Calling anyone who is looking for salvation to Him. Because on this day, Jesus came and exchanged whatever sins we have for the heaven He had prepared for us on the day we were born. 


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