Do they know

Often i find it weird when i heard free thinkers saying ‘thank god’. Because it is an irony itself for people who do not really believe in any religion yet they say that. If i were to draw an analogy, it will be like sending out an email without knowing who will be on the receiving end. Nevertheless, these people still believe there is a God out there somewhere. People believe in God for various reasons, some maybe good and some may not. The usual will be that they are looking for some form of escape from unhappiness, despair or maybe life itself. We will need some outlets for us to transfer out our negative feelings. That is why some women will shop like crazy when they are unhappy. If the issue that is causing the unhappiness is long term, then people will turn to God. It can be in the form of cursing and swearing or it can be helplessness. This is due to the fact that they have run out of solutions and they need a source of hope to help them get through. Without hope, people will not have the strength to face the daylight of tomorrow.

Everyone in this world is all searching for a hope. People who buy 4D are hoping to win it big one day, students who study are hoping that they can get a good job next time, beggars beg because they hope to receive some money and …  The fundamental of living itself is built upon hope. The moment hope is rob from a person, chances are that the person will not live to see the next dawn. Of course, such cases are rarely seen in life because to reach a stage of ultimate hopelessness in life, it will take one to go through hell.  


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