I think it is a nice idea to have a small gathering once a week esp with old friends where we can just chit chat about what is going on in our lives. Next outing for us will be next friday. Haha. Suddenly seeing most of my friends already stepping into working lives, i feel quite envious of them because i maybe studying in NTU for 1 more year. My heart is troubled because of this because i want to be working as fast as possible. Nevertheless i hope to get my third minor since i am going to be there for 1 more year. Really do not feel like an engineering student now. No FYP for me yet because all the projects available suck. Decided to push back one more sem. So i may once more decide to take up Jap since i am not taking FYP this coming sem. I think this HK trip has changed alot of my thinking. Now i am trying to learn as much as possible, thus there is no time for other stuffs, esp relationships. I decided to stop thinking so much about it because my standard has gone up higher. I find that most lack knowledge about current affairs. They may have good academic results but in other areas they are really lacking. Which i too also have the same problems but i am doing something about it. Changing myself to face the challenges of tomorrow. I do hope next time my girlfriend will have more than looks, in fact i hope more depth can be found. Haha


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