The Start

This week commence the start of a new sem for me. Haiz. It is back to school again, the boring feeling is once here after my long break. Time to use my brain before it gets useless. Anyway, as i am working every sunday, it is nice to see the rivalry between the telecoms compaines in Singapore. How tight the competition is. I am wondering now whether Starhub will join the war now between M1 and Singtel in the Little India area. The war to gain a stronghold among those Indian foreign workers to use their services. There is a bit difference on prepaid cards and lines war. Because people who are using prepaid cards will be unlikely to change their providers therefore it is important to hook them up first. The expenses for this 2 months long marketing will be covered within 2 months by those who sign up during the event, according to my estimation.

Lester has finally decided to drop his EEE course in NTU and pursue his interests. Still feel he is better off in ADM rather than going to SIM for business. Business is still not the right course for him though it is easier to pass than EEE.

This semester i am taking 2 ‘siong’ business module which are accounting and business finance. They will take up a bit of my time still it will be easier for me to score with them than my stupid engineering subjects. A long way to go here…


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