Emo eMo

Just came back from cell and late night supper. It seems people are getting emo over some issues in their lives. The thing about being EMO is a mind set problem after my so many years of ’emo-ing’. If it is about the work environment, there is a lack of purpose and passion in it and no like-minded friends to look forward to at work. Maybe one can think of how to pray for and get those people in your workplace to know Christ. By changing to another mindset, then things will be different. Of course, it will be easier said than done. Somehow a first step must be taken if not one will be suffering in depression.

It seems SY has a BGR problem after so long. It is always the second guessing issue. Not knowing what the other party is thinking about. Too shy to make the first move for fear of rejection. At the end of the day, things can also be changed with a new mindset. Do not focus the problem between just you and that person. Instead bring God into the picture and ask what is Thy will. Shift your attention away from the outcome and focus on the process itself. Doors will be opened and answers shall be given.

It is always good to have goals, aims and desires in life. But always learn to balance them. Do not be consumed by them. Oh well, due to the supper, i missed my chat time with Lorna. It’s ok cos learning is my main focus now. In a stage of learning to take things not too lightly yet not too much.


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