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January 18, 2008

What others see from your style

You wear whatever you please, you are probably confident, stubborn, strong-minded and independent. Deep down, however, you think that you are being excluded from society. You wish you belonged, but as you don’t, you’re going to follow your own rules.What your nightclothes reveal

You’re a romantic person at heart. You are imaginative but your temper can sometimes get in the way of your happiness.What others see from your ties

You are kind and friendly. You are an uncomplicated person and enjoy exciting activities.What others see from your belts

You are a lonely and demanding person. You are hardworking as well as intelligent, and can be passionate when in love.What others see from your shoes

You are a person who loves simplicity and is sincere and open. You are pleasant to be with, easygoing and always in a good mood. You neither want to control nor be under someone else’s control. You don’t care much about how you look, and know that it’s what’s inside someone’s heart that’s important.What others see from your earrings

You are probably an independent and strong-willed person. Fairness is important to you, and you always stand up for what you believe in. You are friendly and get along well with people.The last analysis

You are probably a romantic and passionate person. You are sensitive and lonely when you aren’t in love. You can be somewhat self-centered, but you are honest and sincere to others. You like to make a good impression of yourself and worry about what others think of you.