Learning method

People who just get to know me will always think that i am a business student. They will not associate me with engineering. But it is a cold hard fact that i am a freaking engineering student. Haiz. That is the sad truth. Of course, i need to thank those people who imparted their knowledge to me. For my marketing side, they will be Delvin and Natalie because from working with them i have learnt a lot on marketing. I just need people to give me the foundation and from there i can build my own way up. This is also the reason why i am not talented in arts because i will have to start from scratch all the time. I am a people person that is why my learning method will be from working and talking to people instead of books. Which maybe why i cannot be compared to those genius because they can just learnt from those boring books.

Oh and yesterday i let SY paid for our cab fare home. Haha. I am absolutely ok with that since we are such good friends. There is no reason why guys should pay all the time. Hehe. The best thing was that i got to keep the change. I guess i will be the one paying next time round. SY, if you read this pls pls no cab next time. Just kidding. I shall pay the next time round only if you are really tired.

My MB101 groupmates are really ‘zai’. I need not do a thing for the presentation and they have already settled it. Fast and nice. Just the way i like. All of them are from China which may mean that i will not be able to communicate well with them. But it is fine with me. As long as they are good, not like those from ___, only know how to freeride.

Can i just let myself live normally with questions that i cannot find answers to in my heart?


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