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February 29, 2008

Just came back from a gathering with the usual gang. Too bad the newcomers that i wanted to bring in today could not join us. They are Xuehua and Meihui. Meihui was the unlucky one who had to sprain her leg this morning. So she could not even go to work let alone join us. Xuehua had dinner with her boss and she still got to work later on in the morning. So there she goes. Unexpectedly, Danny and Venice asked Meini to come down and join us. This was really out of a sudden. But they stated their intention upfront before she came that they wanted to intro her to me. Yes, i know i am going to be 25 this year and i am still single. Since they have already done that then i have to fulfil my part too. It is always the guy’s responsibility to make the lady feel comfortable in such a setting. Anyway i am keeping my options open. So there is no harm in making one more friend. If things happen then it happen, if not so be it. In the end, i still enjoy myself for the day. Hope the rest who went also feel the same way.

Time to ‘piang’ for my MB101 quiz on monday. But i need a good rest first. Haha


So so wrong

February 28, 2008

I spent 3 days researching and thinking of the wrong topic. Haiz. The prof gave me such a wide topic so wide that anything can fit. In the end, i have to rush the actual report out in a few hours. There goes my 3 days of thinking. So much white hairs now. Yesterday was the photo shoot for the blog. Have not seen the photos taken by Weiming yet. But should be very good. Nice model and pro photographer not forgetting the makeup artist. So everything should be fine. Accidentally said that Jamie looked like joker yesterday. Hope she is not offended. So that is about it for this week. Studying for my accounting during weekend. Should be dropping by ECF this weekend to see some old friends.

Daughter of Destiny

February 24, 2008

I have never been so engrossed into a book before and this was the first one that i am so into. It was to the extend that i managed to finish reading 300plus pages in a few hours. All that on my mind was to get to the end. Never did i imagine that i will be reading a biography of a person. Why i decided to purchase this book was nothing short of a miracle itself.

The story shall start in a typical setting whereby i was hanging around in TM while waiting for elaine to come and the movie to start. As usual i decided to pass time by reading books. Just then, the Life bookshop at TM was gone, so Mt Zion at CS was on my next in line. At first, i was reading on another book named ‘God can do it again’. It was by Kathryn Kuhlman. I was so touched when she wrote this in her book ‘It is a great miracle by God when someone is being healed of their illness, but the greatest miracle is when someone is being born again into the kingdom of God’.

This book came at the right time. Kathryn who was born in 9th May 1907 had the same dream as me. It is to see all the different denominations coming together with no difference between them, to see miracles in every church. All her life she preached only one message of love, salvation and the Holy Spirit. In her life, i seen clearly what is sin and what is character flaw. As much as the Holy Spirit was with her, she was as human as we are. She has her insecurities and her flaws. One thing she knew is to follow the Holy Spirit. Some may called it blind faith but she knew inside her that she could not live without the Holy Spirit. Of course she too like King David has sinned against God on one occasion. After she repented and made her choice, her ministry grew more bigger. No one knew how much she has to give up in order to follow God. She had to give up the man she loved more than her own life, to follow the God she loved. Only God knew the price she paid. In short, her life has touched mine

February 19, 2008

Sometimes i catch a glimpse of God’s love by looking at Joleen.  It is the always waiting and hoping that her love will be reciprocated. To me it will be counted as foolish. But when i think back again, it is just the tip of the the iceberg when compared to God’s love. Always waiting for us to come back to Him. How long can we be away from His encompassing love.


February 16, 2008

Had a long gathering today. We went for lunch at Astons, followed by board games at Settlers. It was fun then most of them have to leave, which left only Grace, Hongwei and me. In the end, the three of us decided to settle on the movie ‘Jumper’. After which we have a long chat over dinner at Mac till around 12 plus. A nice time for today.


February 15, 2008

Just came back from supper with SY. Elaine supposed to come along until she flew us kite the last minute because of work related stuffs. She did sounded stress and irritated on the phone just now. I was having a nice time listening to SY’s issues. I think that is the kind of thing that i love to do. Listening to people and lending them support. Still have not upload the pictures yet. I think i will do that tomorrow. Heading a primary school gathering tomorrow. Stress. But it is good to meet up. That is all for now.

It is ending

February 10, 2008

Ahz… the 4 days long of holiday is coming to an end. I did have a good rest from them. Though sat was a bit tiring, but it was fun. Went housewarming at Don and Weili’s house, so we got to see ethan and erin. Ethan looked so much slimmer now compared to what i remember from 1 year ago. Erin of course has grown up to be a nice little girl. After that will be steamboat over at Stephenie’s place. Nice and healthy food except for the ice cream that i chose to eat after dinner. We also ‘lao yu sheng’ on yesterday. As usual for Chinese New Year, no mahjong for me this year. Pics will be up when i am free. Hopefully after thursday.


February 8, 2008

I missed the KTV session organised by Lester because of the BBQ. At first, i did not want to accompany my mum to the chalet even with all the ‘angbaos’ waiting for me over there. The only reason why i go there is to see my cousin because 2 years back when we went over to her house, she was out with her friends. Finally today i got to see her there, still the childish looking gal that i remembered from young and she re-bonded her hair. If we were on the street together, no one will believe that she is older than me by 1 year. After seeing her again tonight, i realised that all my crushes were in some way modelled after her. In terms of look, they were similar to her in one way or another. Btw she was my first crush actually instead of Lisha. But i never talked to her even once this evening. Wasted this chance. Haha. But it is impossible between us. Maybe at sub-conscience level, i already have a sort of person that i will go after. She is the type that looks and behaves like my cousin. Even Elisa is also like her in terms of look, in my view she is the closest. It is a far shoot for this one. Must try some ususual methods. Might backfire on me. Who cares…


February 7, 2008

I got my iphone thanks to delvin. I do not know paying him abit more for him to earn because it is strictly a business transaction. We do not mix business and personal stuffs together, i believe this is what we have in common. Anyway, he helped me settle most of the stuffs from unlocking to giving me free ride to get the sim device. For me, i do place friendship more important than BGR. I would not boast here but getting an average girlfriend is really easy. The problem will be that it is not what i have in my heart. As i grow, my expectation become higher or it has always been high since secondary school.

I do hope to live to see the day whereby there is no difference between those who believe in Jesus, all will be one.

John 17:20-23 “I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; “that they all may be one, as You; Father, are in me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one; “I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.”

Charis has reminded me this prayer. It is not just any other verse from the bible but a part of a prayer that Jesus had prayed to the Father. That we may be one just as Jesus and the Father are One. This is one wish of mine that i may live to see the day whereby we are one in the Father. No differences between us. I know the day will come because it is prayed by Jesus Himself. A prayer by God Himself, how come it do not come true. Just that whether will i see it? If not on earth, then it will be in heaven.

Still pondering whether should i join my parents to the chalet on my mum’s side? Chalet for CNY quite of weird but who cares. Just go there and collect ‘angbaos’. Wahaha

Surprise visit

February 7, 2008

My family got a surprise visit today by my aunt’s family. It had been a few years since we last saw each other. The reason was that my father has fallen out with her because of ‘me’. In the past, there were some quarrels because of money issue. I guessed it happened to most families. That why i will say ‘Live your life as a rich man, but die a poor one’. Huge fortunes that are to be left behind will always cause quarrels in the family. Because people are greedy by nature. Never content with what we have. Nevertheless my father was still able to live with not getting the amount of money that he was supposed to receive because he placed the relationship more important than money itself. It was until he found out that she has been telling the relatives that i am stupid and not as clever as her son then he got mad. I have to admit that i am lazy but in terms of IQ, i will never lose out to her son. Just that laziness got to me. From this incident, i realised how much the love of a father is. Just like when God said never defiled the Holy Spirit because this will never be forgiven. It shows how much God loves the Holy Spirit who is coming in place of Jesus to guide us in our lives.

Anyway i used to hate her for what she did in the past. My father never dared to speak up until he reached his limit but i always did that. I never cared about status, if he did not speak up then i will just say what i felt. But the feeling today was different. It was with warmth that i welcome them in place of my parents who were not around. Suddenly, everything in the past did not seem important. Is that what am i suppose to learn today? To really let go of the past… Maybe this is what they called by 人争一口气,佛争一柱香. It is the same principle as exercising. When you need to exert force, you need to hold your breath so that you will have the strength to do it. But holding it too long is not good for you. Sooner or later, you have to let go for it. Once you let go of that breath, you will realise that the whole body seems so relax. The whole story is that never hold onto something for too long, or else the one who suffers the most is yourself. Die from lack of oxygen. Haha.

I got her email reply le. Will i be able to succeed? Haha