On the spot

I really did not know what to say. Been getting tired easily these days. What is worse is that i still have a freaking tutorial on sat afternoon. This sunday is Hazel’s 21st birthday. It is really tough to get something for her since she is so freaking rich that anything you buy will be useless unless you are richer than her. I shall just get anything that is nice and ask the rest to share. Oh man, no time to waste on such stuff. Felicia’s grand plan of quitting smoking took a major setback. Haiz. She is a nice gal just too bad that she is a smoker. I still have faith in her that she will be able to quit smoking one of these days.

Have you even felt this feeling of having the urge to go and leave a message to that someone, yet you are being hold back because of all the past issues. I do hope she is doing well lately as it seems she has encountered some problems. I do not see her lacking of any care and concern from her friends and family. My best wishes for her anyway. I used to see her overcoming her problems, so even now i believe it will only make her tougher that before. She will not be fighting this battle alone because God is with her.


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