If gifts and words go hand in hand, then grace and mercy also and so does love and forgiveness. How many manage to fulfil the last one of love and forgiveness? Does ‘Get Out’ means getting out of some places or does it include the lives of the people whom were once close friends? When people said they need grace and time, have they figure out that the other party may need mercy. I am really trying hard to forget and forgive, wanting to put everything behind me. How is it feel like for everything to be smash in a short period of time? All leaving without a word. I am not surprised. Who can honestly say that they care about me when we were there together? If there is any, please forgive me cos i really cannot felt them. All are too close together, keeping people away from their circle. Up to now, i really treasure our friendships. Just beacuse the more i treasure, the more i cannot accept what had happened. It broke everything that i believe in. I have lost the trust to put my feeling into other people anymore. They can live with it because their core group is still intact. But i would not be able to. Who is there to pull me up? No one. Right now, i do not care what any will feel if they read this. I maybe acting as a selfish bastard, but who cares anyway.


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