Fish farm visit for CNY was already done and over with on yesterday. Went there with Junyong, Towming and Kaijing. Haha. Not exactly a fish lover but was quite fun to watch Junyong catching fishes.

Somehow my present state reminds me of Lisha. How she wanted to avoid all contacts with the sec school people. I know it is an unhealthy way that why i could not comprehend her thinking in the past of why she wanted to do that. Now that i am in similar situation, i can understand why. It will only bring back the pain. How i find it funny that one can feel sorry about what one did, yet never did said a word of ‘sorry’. Is that really true sorry or just that the 3rd party apologise for what they never meant? I can never figure out human beings no matter how hard i try because i cannot figure myself also. Will i be able to put down all these? Maybe when i hear the magic word, then i will know the answer myself.


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