Surprise visit

My family got a surprise visit today by my aunt’s family. It had been a few years since we last saw each other. The reason was that my father has fallen out with her because of ‘me’. In the past, there were some quarrels because of money issue. I guessed it happened to most families. That why i will say ‘Live your life as a rich man, but die a poor one’. Huge fortunes that are to be left behind will always cause quarrels in the family. Because people are greedy by nature. Never content with what we have. Nevertheless my father was still able to live with not getting the amount of money that he was supposed to receive because he placed the relationship more important than money itself. It was until he found out that she has been telling the relatives that i am stupid and not as clever as her son then he got mad. I have to admit that i am lazy but in terms of IQ, i will never lose out to her son. Just that laziness got to me. From this incident, i realised how much the love of a father is. Just like when God said never defiled the Holy Spirit because this will never be forgiven. It shows how much God loves the Holy Spirit who is coming in place of Jesus to guide us in our lives.

Anyway i used to hate her for what she did in the past. My father never dared to speak up until he reached his limit but i always did that. I never cared about status, if he did not speak up then i will just say what i felt. But the feeling today was different. It was with warmth that i welcome them in place of my parents who were not around. Suddenly, everything in the past did not seem important. Is that what am i suppose to learn today? To really let go of the past… Maybe this is what they called by 人争一口气,佛争一柱香. It is the same principle as exercising. When you need to exert force, you need to hold your breath so that you will have the strength to do it. But holding it too long is not good for you. Sooner or later, you have to let go for it. Once you let go of that breath, you will realise that the whole body seems so relax. The whole story is that never hold onto something for too long, or else the one who suffers the most is yourself. Die from lack of oxygen. Haha.

I got her email reply le. Will i be able to succeed? Haha


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