I missed the KTV session organised by Lester because of the BBQ. At first, i did not want to accompany my mum to the chalet even with all the ‘angbaos’ waiting for me over there. The only reason why i go there is to see my cousin because 2 years back when we went over to her house, she was out with her friends. Finally today i got to see her there, still the childish looking gal that i remembered from young and she re-bonded her hair. If we were on the street together, no one will believe that she is older than me by 1 year. After seeing her again tonight, i realised that all my crushes were in some way modelled after her. In terms of look, they were similar to her in one way or another. Btw she was my first crush actually instead of Lisha. But i never talked to her even once this evening. Wasted this chance. Haha. But it is impossible between us. Maybe at sub-conscience level, i already have a sort of person that i will go after. She is the type that looks and behaves like my cousin. Even Elisa is also like her in terms of look, in my view she is the closest. It is a far shoot for this one. Must try some ususual methods. Might backfire on me. Who cares…


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