Daughter of Destiny

I have never been so engrossed into a book before and this was the first one that i am so into. It was to the extend that i managed to finish reading 300plus pages in a few hours. All that on my mind was to get to the end. Never did i imagine that i will be reading a biography of a person. Why i decided to purchase this book was nothing short of a miracle itself.

The story shall start in a typical setting whereby i was hanging around in TM while waiting for elaine to come and the movie to start. As usual i decided to pass time by reading books. Just then, the Life bookshop at TM was gone, so Mt Zion at CS was on my next in line. At first, i was reading on another book named ‘God can do it again’. It was by Kathryn Kuhlman. I was so touched when she wrote this in her book ‘It is a great miracle by God when someone is being healed of their illness, but the greatest miracle is when someone is being born again into the kingdom of God’.

This book came at the right time. Kathryn who was born in 9th May 1907 had the same dream as me. It is to see all the different denominations coming together with no difference between them, to see miracles in every church. All her life she preached only one message of love, salvation and the Holy Spirit. In her life, i seen clearly what is sin and what is character flaw. As much as the Holy Spirit was with her, she was as human as we are. She has her insecurities and her flaws. One thing she knew is to follow the Holy Spirit. Some may called it blind faith but she knew inside her that she could not live without the Holy Spirit. Of course she too like King David has sinned against God on one occasion. After she repented and made her choice, her ministry grew more bigger. No one knew how much she has to give up in order to follow God. She had to give up the man she loved more than her own life, to follow the God she loved. Only God knew the price she paid. In short, her life has touched mine


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