Just came back from a gathering with the usual gang. Too bad the newcomers that i wanted to bring in today could not join us. They are Xuehua and Meihui. Meihui was the unlucky one who had to sprain her leg this morning. So she could not even go to work let alone join us. Xuehua had dinner with her boss and she still got to work later on in the morning. So there she goes. Unexpectedly, Danny and Venice asked Meini to come down and join us. This was really out of a sudden. But they stated their intention upfront before she came that they wanted to intro her to me. Yes, i know i am going to be 25 this year and i am still single. Since they have already done that then i have to fulfil my part too. It is always the guy’s responsibility to make the lady feel comfortable in such a setting. Anyway i am keeping my options open. So there is no harm in making one more friend. If things happen then it happen, if not so be it. In the end, i still enjoy myself for the day. Hope the rest who went also feel the same way.

Time to ‘piang’ for my MB101 quiz on monday. But i need a good rest first. Haha


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