No love…

I think that was what they called me during the last primary school gathering. The one with no love. Haha. That is what i thought too, for i am trying to have a breakthrough in this love part. Because i find that my love for God is really lacking. How to really go about having this heart for the lost when my love is so shallow.

On thurs when Jamie mentioned that no one loved her. This thought came to my mind when i was on my way back. It is not true that she has no love in her love. When she had Jesus, she already have all kinds of love. The love of a Father, the love of a Friend and the love of a Lover. Basically these 3 made up our main sources of love in our everyday life. So how can she has no love? It is just whether are we able to feel the love of God in the area that we feel are lacking in love.

Just about this evening, i got a sms from someone who is unhappy. So have i now become a listening ear to all those people who have relationship issues? Haha. Shall not touch on what happen but just need to find out more as requested.

Now it is 4 plus in the morning yet i am still awake. The reason is due to a bunch of noise makers down at my block. It drove me mad till the point whereby i have to call the police down to make sure they keep their mouth shut. Freaking shit. Why they cannot think for other people? Do we need such people in the society?


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