A bit of light

I think i see a bit of light in that issue. 2 of the parties are willing and know each other feelings. Yet, the 3rd one is still hanging on tight to it. Trying to force an outcome even though deep down that person knows it is heading to a dead end. I came to this conclusion after viewing some pictures. Haha. Maybe i am too quick on coming to a conclusion but pictures do tell a thousand words. That person lacks of self confidence and thinks that a person such as the 1st may not come by again. Using the 1st person’s weakness, the 3rd one can hold on as long as the 3rd wills. It should not be a problem if the 2nd one is able to let go. But when it comes to feelings, the 2nd one is just as stubborn, after so many years it is still the same.

3 choices to go from here:

1st, the 3rd let go out the relationship. 20% chance

2nd, the 1st makes a firm stand on one. 10% chance

3rd, the 2nd is willing to let go. 1% chance


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