Problems Problems and more…

Just returned from a KTV session. Not that i wanted to spend the money for it. But need to go down for a talk talk session. Haha. Halfway through the problem surfaced, one party threatened to commit suicide. Of cos that person involved has to leave and settle that. So only one party remaining, so i have to make sure that party does not have a chance to think so much. Try to logic things out so that at least that person will be ok and not be running wild with imagination. Have to wait till tomorrow before i can find out how things turn out.

When people come to me with their problems, i do not mind lending a listening ear to them. When it becomes too much, then i also will be affected in one way or another. So who can i turn to? After much thinking, i figure out that if this cycle of hearing problems continue, there must be a grand outlet whereby the last person has to throw all his problems to. That will be God. In order to be more efficient, i can just throw all my problems to God directly, before taking now more new cases. I need Your strength for i am weak.


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