These few days i have been thinking a lot in my mind. So much till the point that i cannot remember anything i have done the day before. Or maybe i am really getting old. Lost of memory.

What does the word ‘Love’ means? Many think that being a Christian means having a ton of rules to abide by. Is this what salvation is about? The answer will be a no. True salvation will only set one fully free. But it has to come with love. Salvation only of the mind without the heart will be lacking of love. A very classic example will be when a guy knows that his girlfriend does not like him doing some stuffs. He will not do that anymore because he will not want to break her heart and cause their relationship to come to an end. The answer is simple, because he loves her. Not only on his mind or mouth but from his heart.

As it is to them, christians are also the same. It is not the rules that tie us down. But the love for God so much so that we do not want to break His heart. In some, the changes from within will be immediate. Yet for others, it will take a period of time for the molding and changes to take place. In both cases, the changes will be from inside out. So there i am belonging to the second case, knowing there is so much more to loving God. The Holy Spirit will be there to guide, letting one know what is right and what is wrong.

Views from people will tend to bring one down. Because we are all so quick to judge and slow to forgive. Yet God is quick to forgive and slow to judge. I do acknowledge that what people think of me do affect me at times. Nevertheless, i will learn to look at who am i from the eyes of God. People can only see so much of yourself. They are not with you 24/7, only God does.

This is one of the reasons why so many of us are suffering from different personalities when we are in public and when we are alone. In front of others, we know that we need to live up to some kind of expectations that maybe it will not even be us at all. It is only when we are alone then we can take off the mask and really be who we are.


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