Nice nice rest

I had a nice rest over this weekend. Time to work hard after this. Just had a jog earlier on with SY. Then acted as an output filter for Felicia on her problems. That is life for me. Haha. My ideal conversation is whereby there is a flow of information of input and output. If i am the one who is just asking questions like a reporter, then it will not be conversation anymore. That will not be for me. I cannot stand that.

Anyway i sorted out my thoughts during these few days. Whatever is it, my relationship with God need to be right first. I have also lend out my camera set. The L lens will be lend to Lester and the rest will be to Xavier. I will not be taking any pictures for the moment. So please do not engage me in any photo taking stuffs. 2 reasons behind this. 1st will be that i will be busy because exams is coming near. For the 2nd and the main, will be that i am letting the camera down. The purpose of it will be taking pictures for God. Since God put the thoughts of it into me this evening. I am sure there is a reason behind it.  


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