The Bucket List

Just came home after watching this movie with SY. It is a nice show, the acting was good and the plot was nice. I do recommend it to those who wanted to watch this. The nicest thing about watching a late night movie with SY is that i do not have to take a cab back home. Haha. I can just walk her home instead. Helps me save lots of money. There are only a few friends which i can stay silence and still feeling comfortable about it. She is one of those.

After a few days of rushing my project and eating only one meal a day which was like late in the night. Finally it is almost done. Thank God for it. I have to admit that my temper was not very good these few days. Time to me was so precious that i would fly into a rage when people are moving too slow. I am always like this when my mind is hyper active. Thinking 5 steps beyond what is happening. It is like driving a fast car that everything else so slow. I am glad that i can finally off this mode and back to normal until exams time again.

Maybe i will be going down to pay Xav and the rest a visit this sunday.


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