I took my maths exams today and to tell the truth i almost vomited out of my disgust for the subject or whatever reason. I am just a mere mortal. I hate to admit this fact but according to all the symptoms that i am showing. I have come to the conclusion that i am suffering from depression. At some points the thought of death seem to be an easy way out of all these. And who would have thought that someone who kills himself just to avoid some freaking papers. The fact still remains that i am devoid of any pleasure in life. Not taking the course that i am made for. I can just spent 3 hours on accounting and took the exams with a breeze without attending lectures or tutorials but cannot seem to do it for engine subjects. This is affecting me for way too long. I certainly hope that my depression is a mild one and it will be gone after the exams. If not, then if you know the reason when i die fromsome unnatural causes. The whole world does not understand me. No one, not even my family can i talk to them about my problem because they will not understand. All my father thinks about is when i will graduate. How will he ever accept the fact if i want to change course so badly. To die is gain. to live is Christ.


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