A message of love

After being exposed for so long to all those negative stuffs, i am in need of some messages of love. That is what i am getting right now. Messages of God’s love. To once again soften this heart of mine, to let it be in touched with my Creator once more.

I learnt that ‘No’ actually is a powerful word. Compare the 2 sentences. ‘No. I will continue fighting’ and ‘Yes. I will continue fighting’. By using No, you are asking yourself to forget those obstacles and failures that you have been through and that continue to inspire yourself with something positive. With the second sentence, you are just saying something positive twice. It does not change from negative to positive. Just my 2 cents here.

Another thing is that, there is not much different between us and those people who are dying of terminal illness like AIDS. Maybe the only different is their symptoms. Because we too will not be able to know when we are going to die. Death is a thing that will happen to all of us just that in their case, they may not live till the age that we expect to live to.

I am beginning to see death in a new light because of my new found hope. I know for sure that if i die one day, God will be with me Himself and i will just be going home. By living here on earth, it means i still got work unfinished.

I know and am aware of my past guilts, shames and failures. I am not afraid of admitting to them. For i know, God will take all of it as i lay them down on the altar. I have been carrying my past failures for too long and it has kept me down in the past. But i am not going to let them be a burden anymore. It’s time for me to say ‘Enough. I am going to live my life as the way God wants me to.’

Tomorrow will be May Day concert. I have been looking forward to it until today. Suddenly not in the moods to go for it. I shall see how when tomorrow comes. At most, i will pass the ticket to Kai Jing and let her go with Tow Ming, treat it as my gift to them. Haha. We shall see.



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