What a mixed up!!!

I knew something funny or bad was going to happen today when i woke up. Indeed, it happened. Luckily it was not that serious, just wasted 4 hours and $4plus. The first time of my life going to school on the wrong day. After going for so many exams, this is the first time this happen, though i often doubted myself back in secondary days whether the date of my exams were correct. But i was never wrong once except for today. The logical explanation for this mix up is that long before my exams started, i already form the impression that my last day was going to be a monday. And this impression was so strong that i never bothered to go and check when is the exact date of my last paper. Even though, i kept looking at my iphone and it showed tuesday. Yet it never did registered in my brain once.

In short, it just lead to this incident today. Oh well, it is better to be early than late. Just that i am 24 hours early. Thank God that i went in late and never confronted the gal who was sitting in my place or else i will be very ‘paiseh’.

So tomorrow shall be my last paper.


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