Thoughts on a platter

Sometimes even with a message of love, it would not be enough to get to a person’s heart. There is this strange thing about us, humans. We need to be ready to hear a message of love, before that message can get that our hearts. When the timing is too soon, we usually reject them, even if it is what we need to hear.

People usually fear to accept God in their lives because they fear of what God would want from them. Instead we seek others, others which will be more of a slave to us rather than a master. Others whom we ‘believe’ will help us to get what we want instead of what we really need. The truth is God does not requires anything out of us, He just wants to love us and give us what we really need in our lives. Too often, we are so caught up in catching up with others that we lose sight of what we truly need in our lives. We spend so much time in pursuing things that whenever we get hold of them, we still feel something is missing.  

In this society, there has always been this talk about survivors of the fittest. So much so that many will strive to be the first and the fittest using whatever methods they can think of. There is no merit in proving that i am strong by making someone weak. We all are equal in the eyes of the Father. I believe God is fair and He will not make us one lesser than the other. It is just so often that we fail to see the rest of the attitudes given to us by God. We judge by what we see and not by what we do not. Because of this, we miss out the wonderful things about life. Gifts that the Father wants us to have but we fail to receive them. Gifts that the Father wants us to share with other but often we take them whole for ourselves.


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