Recent thoughts

I just saw this sentence on one of my friend’s post.

“There’s no one left to protect me. I’m still a little person, in this big,big world. There’s only one person left who can protect me: myself.”

I wanted so much to tell that person that stop trying so hard. There will and always be God to shield you and protect you. In the end, i did not. Maybe in a way, i am like that person, trying to find my own ways to protect myself from the world, the hurts, the scars.

These days, it will really take all of my courage just to step foot into a church. I have forgotten how is it like to sing praises to Him. All the usual human emotions are being taken out from me. Happiness, sadness, joy or grief, i have forgotten how they are like. Is this the emptiness that some people are trying so hard to reach. My advice is stop trying to reach this stage, it is not a nice place to be at.

People sometimes choose to believe in God but deny the existence of the other. But in life, you cannot just do that. Just by denying the other does not cease it’s existence. Freedom is a precious gift from God that He does not want to take away from us. The freedom to love, the freedom to live, the freedom to enjoy all of His creations and the freedom to choose. Do not blame God for the evil that is born out of the choices by man. God gave this freedom to us and if we choose to do evil, He should not be the one to take the blame. He respect and love each one of us. When something bad happens to us, He weeps and griefs more that each one of us.

Just the recent natural disasters, when so many people died. It does not mean God is not there for them. Look at the number of people who survived and how they did that, one will know that God is there. If not, all surely shall perish and none will survive. Once again, no one in this world hurts more than God when bad things happen to us.   


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