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Euro 2008

June 29, 2008

This morning i was watching Euro 2008 Finals with Aldrich at a German pub near City hall area. i must confess that i am not a German fan, neither i am for Spain. So it did not matter where we went to watch that match. I think it was rather a good time spending together for both of us since it has been quite sometime from our last gathering. It sure was funny when it started raining heavily when we were on our way to get some chips from 7-11. Aldrich was grumpy all the way because of the rain. Wahaha. What was a bonus was that i bumped into Melvin Tan over there. A long lost secondary school friend. I concluded that will be a great night out.



June 24, 2008

Sunday visit was not bad, at least i got something off my heart. Did not managed to join them for lunch because i have to meet Charis at Hougang. It was a trip worth it because i received 3 books in total from her, including one which she gave to everyone. At least now i got books to read. Haha.

I am glad that i managed to push myself to go down for cell yesterday. For some reasons, i was feeling extremely tired and drowsy before that. When i decided to go down, it started raining heavily out of a sudden. Still i went and i was blessed with the sharing of yesterday.

4 degrees of love

1. To love others for your sake.

2. To love God for your sake.

3. To love God for God’s sake.

4. To love yourself for God’s sake.

Dish collector

June 19, 2008

I have become a dish collector once again. Just get paid for collecting dishes after people have finished their meals. I find it to be quite enjoyable just walking around and collecting plates. Haha. Simple task. The best thing is that i get paid $10/hour, when others do not pay as much. Time to be the mighty dish collector again.

Anyway a few days ago, i got this theory. The reason i called it a theory is because i do not know whether is it right or wrong. Only God knows the answer.

45 Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land. 46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”[k]
47 Some of those who stood there, when they heard that, said, “This Man is calling for Elijah!” 48 Immediately one of them ran and took a sponge, filled it with sour wine and put it on a reed, and offered it to Him to drink.
49 The rest said, “Let Him alone; let us see if Elijah will come to save Him.”
50 And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit.

As we can see that right before Jesus died on the cross, He cried out “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”  What is the reason why God has forsaken Jesus at that time? Is it that He cannot bear to look at the death of His Son? Or is there another reason?

When i checked out webster for the meaning of ‘forsaken’ it means to renounce or turn away from entirely. My guess is that at that point of time, God has turned His face entirely away from Jesus. Jesus was without sins for the whole of His life, until the point on the cross before He asked why God has forsaken Him. It was at that point of time whereby the sins of all mankind from the past to the present and into the future has been laid on Him. The sins were so much that God had to turn His face away from His own Son, because God abhors sins. I do not that there is any words that can describe the multitude of sins that Jesus had to carry.

Well, of course, this is just a theory of mine. For me, i do not need to know whether is it right or wrong. All i need is to feel how much Jesus has done for me on the cross. To die on the cross in a painful manner while His Father was looking away from Him. The pain of not able to see your loved ones when one dies is really …

Schedule for the next few days will be taking pictures for Danny and Venice engagement party on sat and visiting Xavier they all on sun. If possible, i do wish to join them. That is another question waiting for God to answer. Till then…


June 8, 2008

Why am i not born in a rich family? Why do i face denial? Why am i betray by those i trust in my life? Why do i have to suffer for those things that i have not done? Why am i being forsaken? Why cannot i do things my way? Why do all these happen to me? why whY wHY WHY… Can someone please tell me WHY?

All of us will have all these WHYs in our hearts. I have them too and i keep asking why. We all are constantly in search for an answer to what befalls on us. Because we believe it is unfair to us. We want to know why others have it better than us. Why cannot we be like them or if only our positions can be swapped.

Often we missed our marks, overlooked that God has answered all this WHYs that we had with a personal response. HE was born into a poor family as a carpenter son, HE was denied by his disciple right in HIS face, HE was betrayed by the person HE trusted, HE was sentenced to death while a murderer was set freed, HE was flogged by those HE love, HE was forsaken by HIS FATHER while on the cross and on the cross HE died for those HE loves.

HE could have been born into a royal family, one fitting of HIS status. HE could have lived HIS life in riches and glories. HE could have conquered the earth with might and power. HE could have command legions of angels to save HIM from the cross.

Yet, HE did not did all that. Instead HE chose the painful path. Jesus was answering to all our WHYs in HIS personal way. HE came and all these happened to HIM. If anyone whom have ever walked on earth deserve to ask why, Jesus was the one who most deserved to ask. HE chose to answer our sufferings in HIS own personal way, by coming down and suffered without asking WHY. God can choose to bring salvation to us in a different manner, the cup can be passed over from Jesus. Yet the Father did not chose to because HE wants to answer our questions. Just as God answered to Job why he had to suffer by showing Job all HIS majesty instead of giving Job a direct and logical answer. No amount of logical answers can answer a personal question, only a personal reponse can answer a personal question.

Touching story

June 5, 2008

There is this touching story about this mother who gave up her own life just to save her son’s life. The father was a brutal murderer who had killed 18 women and the police thought that his wife was an accomplice. Yet in actual fact, she had no ideas what he was doing except that he was bringing women back to their house. One day when she has realised the terrible things that her husband was doing, she tipped off the police. Within hours before the police arrived, she has managed to send her 2 years old son away to one of her employers so that they could be his foster parents. Both her and her husband were sentenced to death sentence and need to serve a 15 years jail sentence.

On that day of the execution, some police officers found out the truth that she did not had a part in the killing of those women. However, she admitted to the charge of murdering her own son. Whereas in actual fact, he is safe and ignorance of what is going on. She can just tell the truth and the whereabout of her son so that she will be spared from the death sentence. Yet, she chooses not to even to the last minute whereby she has to plead with the those who are trying to save her. Not to reveal anything to her son nor save her from the death sentence.

In her mind, she knows very well what will happen if she is pardoned from her sentence. His husband is a man who is hated by so many people for what he did. She wants to protect her son from the sins of his father. So she chose to die so that her son can have a second chance to live freely without bearing the sins of his father. She has the power to choose to live and be together with her son, yet for his sake she choose the painful path on the electric chair. Giving up hers so that her son can has his.

Love deeply

June 3, 2008

Charis shared something that was very fresh to me. So i better post in it just in case i forget.

What is it like to love deeply and freely? Sometimes we hold back on loving our loved ones more deeply is because of the fear of losing them one day. We fear that we might not be able to cope with that emotional loss. In similar case, the moment a man and a woman become husband and wife, they are committed to one another for their lifetime. Another hidden aspect will be that one of them will become a widow or widower eventually. In rare cases will it not happen this way.

Thus after knowing this fact, will it become a hindrance to one from loving the other deeply because of the fear that one day the one that you love so much will just leave you behind. Do not let this fear stop you from loving with all your heart because the love that is from God is not one with fear. The love that is given to us from God is free, strong and powerful. Love deeply because the love that we received from God will help us tide through this stage of loss that will come one day which is only temporarily. Because of the fact that we will unite in heaven once again. So love deeply because i know that the grace of God is more than enough for me. 


June 2, 2008

Start of a new week with Dylan going overseas with Lili and i am still in singapore. Hohoho. Watched Narnia with SY this evening. Quite a nice show, though a bit draggy like the first. My next not to miss movie will be ‘Get Smart’. Time to tidy up my life a bit.

When a person who broke up with another whom he/she loves very much. Is it true that person may become commitment phobic? Maybe they would not be able to give as much as they use that and will keep comparing the present with the past. Personally i feel that this is a form of hanging onto the past and sometimes the reason may not because of love. It maybe due to the hurts, guilts or shame that maybe caused by or on the person. I been through it and i do not believe there is a wound that God cannot heal. It just a matter of time and how much is one willing to let go.

If the case is really because of love, then there is a danger that it will overtake the love for God in that person’s heart. Of course, when it comes to matter of the heart, it is tough to draw a clearline. How to be logically emotional? Quite an irony, isn’t it. No matter what, i believe as long as one sticks to their first love, God, that life somehow may get easier in a way. Just that sometimes we need time to heal up and learn. The same as i do.

Tiring sunday

June 1, 2008

I managed to string up a number of events for today. It made my trip out worth my time. Met up with Richard for lunch at the hawker center at church. I got to know that Shaoyun is back in Singapore for 3 months. Maybe will find time to catch up with him soon. Richard tempeted me with the idea of going over London and visit him. Conditions are free accom and maybe a few meals plus a bit of tour. I personally think it is great cause i can save around $1k for accom for a 5 days trip. Maybe i will save up just for that. Will plan and see if it works out. I have yet to go Japan which maybe i have free accom over at Lifen’s side too. But Richard’s one was more tempting. After which we went Funan to walk around before i met up with Zhou Jing and later SY to collect my stuff from taiwan. The one thing which i missed out was dropping off at Bedok to go to the library to borrow some books. Will have to do that tomorrow plus a movie. Hehe.